Synopsis of Bond of Love October 1, 2021: Aldebaran Contacts Terrorists, Andin and Irvan’s Family Background Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Love Bond October 1, 2021, will feature Aldebaran’s hard work, assisted by Angga and Ricky, to find out who the perpetrators of the terror attack on Mama Rosa, Andin, Reyna and Rendy were, were ultimately not in vain.

A new figure, a man is shown who has been the mastermind behind the terror acts against the Alfahri family so far. Without further ado, seen through the teaser image uploaded by the official Instagram account love bond, Friday (1/10/2021) Aldebaran immediately contacted the terrorist by telephone.


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“I’m Aldebaran, you’ve been terrorizing my family, right,” said Aldebaran coldly, as quoted on Friday (1/10/2021).

Meanwhile, at the public cemetery, Irvan seemed to be on a pilgrimage to visit a grave. Apparently, from the name on the tombstone, the grave is the tomb of Andin’s biological mother, Sofia Paramita Adicipta who is also Irvan’s older brother.

While placing a bouquet of red roses on Sofia’s grave, Irvan apologized to his brother. The reason is, he still hasn’t been able to find out who Sofia’s biological child is

“I’m sorry, Sis, because I haven’t been able to find your children and brought them here to find you,” said Irvan.

It was revealed that Andin’s background was unknown, Andin turned out to be the biological nephew of Irvan and at the same time made Andin have a relationship as a cousin with Jessica.

Then how will Aldebaran continue with the terrorist Alfahri’s family? When will Irvan find out that Andin is Sofia’s biological child, whom he has been looking for?

Immediately find the answer by continuing to faithfully watch the continuation and excitement of the story of Ikatan Cinta, which is broadcast tonight at 19:45 WIB only on RCTI and can also be enjoyed through the RCTI Plus streaming application service.