at least eleven dead and about fifty missing as a result of an accident in a coal mine

Ambulances and fire engines parked near the Listviazhnaya coal mine in Siberia on November 25, 2021. Eleven people died and nearly fifty others are missing after an accident. AP Another disaster in the mines of Russia. At least 11 people have been killed and 46 are missing following an accident at a coal mine in … Read more

United States: car driver driving into crowd at Christmas parade charged with 5 homicides

DRAMA – An SUV crashed into a crowd gathered for a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A police report shows 5 dead and forty wounded. The driver was charged with five homicides. LCI editorial staff – 2021-11-22T20:26:18.872+01:00 A frightful drama in the middle of the Christmas parade. An SUV-type vehicle crashed into a crowd gathered … Read more

Iron Stabs Car Tire, Tya Arestya Almost Fatal Accident : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Unpleasant news came from the artist Tya Arestya. The car she was traveling in with her husband and children almost had an accident while traveling from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. The news was shared by the wife of Irfan Ratinggang through his personal Instagram account. In his upload, he appears to show a long … Read more

Tubagus Joddy Bullied about Vanessa Angel’s Accident, Father: This is a Disaster: Okezone Celebrity

BOGOR – Father Joddy, Tubagus Endang Lesmana admitted that he was sad when the public cornered his son too much due to the fatal accident that claimed the lives of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. “Sad, because I know what Joddy is like. Every parent would say their child is good. But we educate him … Read more

Abrantes | Accident causes 2 deaths and 6 injuries on EN2 (updated)

A collision between a truck and a mixed passenger vehicle forced the closure of Estrada Nacional 2 (EN2) this morning, in Vale de Cortiças, in the municipality of Abrantes. The accident occurred around 6 am, cutting the road for several hours between Rossio and Bemposta. The road was reopened at around 11 am, after the … Read more

Riccardo Ravalli, the tronista of Men and Women who died in an accident: he was 39 years old

Mourning in the world of TV: he is dead Riccardo Francesco Ravalli, 39 year old knight of the throne over of Men and women. Originally from Catania but lived in Pistoia, in Pieve a Nievole, he had managed the Hotel Casa Rossa in Montecatini and in 2020 he ended up on TV to court the … Read more

Viral Video Allegedly Tubagus Joddy was busy calling and pacing after the accident : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Vanessa Angel car driver, Joddy continues to be in the spotlight after the deadly accident that befell the actress and her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah. It is suspected that he was sleepy and speeding, so that he hit a road divider on the Nganjuk Toll Road, East Java on November 4. Joddy also briefly deleted … Read more

Viral Moments of the Gala Sky Ardiansyah Saved from Accident, Netizens: Hug Gala : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gala Sky Ardiansyah survived the accident that killed his parents, Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. Even Gala herself was not seriously injured. Recently circulated that a video showing Gala was rescued and immediately evacuated by local residents, and a car driver who happened to be passing the crime scene (TKP). READ ALSO: – The … Read more

After a horror accident on Invalidenstrasse with four dead – that’s what the SUV driver says – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa Four pedestrians die when the car races into the group of people at the traffic lights in downtown Berlin. According to the prosecution, the background was an epileptic seizure by the driver. He makes a statement in court. A good two years after the death of four pedestrians in an accident in downtown Berlin, … Read more