“I have repented.” And she cries for Vito Coppola

A scene went viral. The moment when Arisa a X Factor he accused Simona to be fake with strong tones and offensive remained in history. This morning the singer was a guest on the program by Simona Ventura and Paola Perego, Citofonare Rai 2. Ha debuted weaving lodi to Simona Ventura and apologizing once again … Read more

“Your son is 7 years old and he needs his father, run to him”

Renata Erika Szabo, the former partner of Marcell Jacobs, does not hide and accuses the fastest man in the world of not being a father worthy of it. «Jeremy is 7 years old and suffers from the absence of his father“. The father is the fastest man in the world who last summer made the whole … Read more

“Sin and shame are yours”

Nina Moric keeps the point. After the harsh words addressed to Belen Rodriguez, the ex-wife of Fabrizio Corona returns to attack the model in a new story on Instagram. The accusation of Nina Moric After accusing her of making her son drink Carlos and tried to kiss him on the lips over the Christmas weekend, … Read more

Belen, the shock accusation of Nina Moric: “Why did you do this to my son?” Carlos denies: “All bitches”

Nina Moric and the very heavy accusation brought against Belen Rodriguez on social networks. The ex-wife of Fabrizio Corona, in fact, is furious with the Argentine showgirl after what was revealed to her by the son Carlos. Read also> Gf Vip, Sophie in crisis between Alessandro and Gianmaria. And Soleil launches the broadside: “With me … Read more

Dipo Latief’s accusation of abandoning children, Nikita Mirzani: He should go to prison : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Enmity Nikita Mirzani with her ex-husband, Dipo Latief does not seem to be finished in the near future. The reason is, the 35-year-old actress reported Dipo to the South Jakarta Metro Police on suspicion of child neglect. To the media crew, he emphasized that he would not stop until his ex-husband felt the … Read more

Final phase in the election campaign: Threatened accusation of electoral fraud

Dhe call for a new beginning, for transformation, for “unleashing” woke up a combination in the final phase of this election campaign that was actually obvious: red-green-red. That would indeed be something radically new, it would indeed promise a great transformation (another word for revolution that is not quite so off-putting to bourgeois ears). But … Read more

“He asked me for two million dollars”

More news in the endless legal battle of Britney Spears against Jamie Spears, father and legal guardian of the singer, ongoing for some time. The lawyer of the pop star, Mathew S. Rosengart, presented in court documents that talk about Jamie’s attempted extortion against the daughter and he asked for his immediate resignation as a guardian. … Read more

Alessandro Borghi accused of sexism blurts out on Instagram: “How stupid you are”

«Oh my, how stupid you are, po..a pu… .a». The parole, between a laugh and another, of Alessandro Borghi, the famous actor by Aureliano Adami in Suburra, which puts a keep quiet the controversy of these last hours in which he is accused of sexism. Read also – Gianni Nazzaro, the singer’s wife: “There was … Read more

Alleged Epstein Victim: Woman Sues Prince Andrew for Sexual Abuse

Panorama Suspected Epstein victim Wife is suing Prince Andrew for sexual abuse Status: 7:57 a.m.| Reading time: 2 minutes

From Accusation Of Anti-feminism To Brutal Retirement: The Emma Watson Scandals

Emma Watson is not only famous for her incredible role as Hermione Granger in the entire series of eight Harry Potter films. The 31-year-old Briton was also recognized for her strong personality which led her to get involved in her environment as an activist. Little by little, his name got involved in situations off the … Read more