Accused of lying, Doddy Sudrajat claims he doesn’t know Vanessa Angel’s Insurance Amount: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Faisal, father -in -law Vanessa Angel inflamed. He was annoyed with the constant lies that Doddy Sudrajat had done to him. In addition to the issue of custody of his grandson, Faisal also feels cheated about the amount of Vanessa’s insurance. Based on Faisal’s version, Doddy admitted that he only received Rp. 30 … Read more

Vanessa Angel’s Sister Accused of Social Security, Doddy Sudrajat: They Want to Dedicate a Song to His Brother : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Both sisters Vanessa Angel, Mayang and Chika, sang again the song popularized by SEVENTEEN’s Ifan entitled Yesterday on November 23 last. They sang the song before even 40 days since the departure of his brother. Not a few people accuse both social media and seek popularity. Father, Doddy Sudrajat then responded in this regard. … Read more

Politicians accused of plagiarism in their academic theses

Peña: Nobody can say that I plagiarized my thesis (CNN Español) — The president of the Colombian House of Representatives, Jennifer Arias, seems to have joined an exclusive but infamous club with global reach: that of politicians who have been accused of plagiarizing her academic theses. The Externado de Colombia University determined after months of … Read more

Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murdering two protesters on the sidelines of anti-racist protests in the United States, has been acquitted

Kyle Rittenhouse, center, with his lawyers, Thursday, Nov. 18, in court in Kenosha, Wisconsin. SEAN KRAJACIC / AP After twenty-six hours of deliberation spread over four days, the jury which had withdrawn Tuesday to debate the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of the murder of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and of having injured a … Read more

Benjamin Mendy, ex-international footballer, accused of two new rapes in England

Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy, October 22, 2019. OLI SCARFF / AFP The charges against the French international defender of Manchester City Benjamin Mendy, 27, increased on Tuesday, November 16: two new rapes are accused by the English justice against the player, who is to be tried at the end of January. The Crown Prosecution … Read more

Accused of using Vanessa Angel’s mourning money for clubbing, Brother-in-law: Just be sincere : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Two sisters-in-law Vanessa Angel, Fadly Faisal and Fuji, responded to the slanted news regarding the management of the funeral money allocated for Vanessa Angel’s son, Gala Sky. Fadly asked the public not to assume and spread baseless information regarding the management of the funeral money. “Please don’t speculate negatively. Allegations like that bother … Read more

Judge speaks to the accused concentration camp guard (100) into conscience – BZ Berlin

Matthias Lukashevich It is 11.45 a.m. in the gym, which has been converted into a courtroom, when the son of a resistance fighter from France told the painful story of his family. But the accused concentration camp guard Josef S. (100) once again showed no signs of movement. As so often. He is charged with … Read more

Man accused of kidnapping an Australian girl

The man suspected of kidnapping a four-year-old Australian girl was accused of kidnapping this Thursday. Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, has appeared in court in the city of Carnarvon, accused of arresting a child under 16 by force, fraudulently or through seduction. The suspect did not ask for bail, took a while to recognize his own … Read more

Ary Abittan accused of rape: what do we know about the case?

ARY ABITTAN. Actor Ary Abittan was indicted for rape on November 2, 2021. The facts allegedly took place at his Paris home on Saturday. The columnists of Touche not at my post have revealed new elements of the case. Summary The essential Ary Abittan indicted for rape. After almost 48 hours in police custody, the … Read more

Shah Rukh Khan Murka Accused of Sleeping With Kajol : Okezone Celebrity

MUMBAI – Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol recorded seven times colliding acting in big screen projects. From the film, the two actors form a real-life friendship that makes chemistry they look more natural. From here, the two actors are often rumored to have a special relationship behind the scenes. Not only having an affair, Shah … Read more