In the United States, supporters of increased gun control call on Congress to act

Parents of one of the victims of the 2018 Parkland, Florida shooting stand with one of the survivors, David Hogg, at the second March for Our Lives, demanding gun control, in Washington, D.C. June 11, 2022. MANUEL BALCE CENETA / AP “It’s different this time. » David Hogg keeps repeating it at the podium in … Read more

Batman Forever: Michael Keaton Explains Why He Refused To Act In The Film

Before putting on the cape of his Batman, Michael Keaton returns to his absence in the Batman Forever by Joel Schumacher. After a first adaptation in feature film in 1966, taken from the television series of this same period, it was in 1989 that the Batman directed by Tim Burton. First viewed with suspicion by … Read more

Confirmed! Attack on SIC and Expresso was an act of destruction and sabotage

Following the computer attack that Grupo Impresa was targeted at dawn on 2 January 2022, the Group, owner of the brands EXPRESSO, SIC and OPTO recently provided clarifications to all its subscribers, users and subscribers. According to what is referred to, the attack was not of the ransomware type, with the sole aim of destroying … Read more

Canberra company Skykraft prepares to launch satellites onboard SpaceX rocket

In an unassuming building on the old Canberra Institute of Technology campus in Reid, the largest ever Australian-made payload to go into space is being assembled. Key points: Seven satellites made in Canberra are being prepared for launch on a SpaceX rocket next year Skykraft’s executive chairman Mark Skidmore says commercial space launch companies have caused … Read more

“I want to smile and act crazy”

Laura Pausini new single coming. The most famous Italian artist in the world is returning with new music, and more … After a 2021 to be framed that saw her obtain very important awards all over the world with the song I do (Seen), song whose lyrics were written by herself Laura with Niccolò Agliardi … Read more

by trying to curb the virus “without excessive constraints”, Emmanuel Macron plays the balancing act

Emmanuel Macron in videoconference for an exceptional Council of Ministers, from Fort Brégançon, December 27, 2021. NICOLAS TUCAT / AP Curb the virus, without paralyzing the country. Emmanuel Macron once again follows this ridge line to face the meteoric surge of the Omicron variant. As if, a few months before the presidential election, the Head … Read more

POW ÖSTERREICH hands over an open letter on the Climate Protection Act to Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler

Over 300 companies signed the letter, calling for an ambitious climate protection law Vienna (OTS) – Together with well-known supporters from the winter sports industry, Managing Director Moritz Nachtschatt and President Verena Stahl today handed over the open letter and the list of all supporters to Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler. POW Austria is part of … Read more

Imagine Dragons was even more challenging on “Mercury Act 1”

Imagine Dragons were in the drawer of alternative rockers early in their careers, and for the single “Radioactive” they even won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. But those times are long gone, any remnants of rock energy on their new album “Mercury Act 1” are a thing of the past. 6/10 Imagine Dragons – … Read more