Adele’s Makeup: Everything the singer has been wearing!

Adele, what a woman, what a voice, what a monument! The 30th era came and along with that some classic and insurmountable factors that reinforce its beauty: that impeccable old hollywood hair and that IMPECCABLE makeup, with a well-made face and without a pore showing and the outline remains more powerful and striking than Never. … Read more

Adele’s album “30”: With it, she achieves what only Taylor Swift could do before

Updated on November 24, 2021, 6:42 am After six years Adele has released her new album “30”. Within just three days, the record took the title: most successful album of the year to date. You can find more music news here With her album “30”, which was released on November 19th, Adele already holds the … Read more

Why Adele’s “30” and Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version”) Won’t be Nominated for the 2022 Grammys

Two of the year’s biggest albums – Adele’s “30” and Taylor Swift’s re-recording of “Red” – will not be in the running for ANY awards at the next Grammys. Here’s why. It is not necessary to start a petition. You don’t have to be trending #JusticeForRed on Twitter. There is no need to create a … Read more

Adele’s “30” album dethrones Taylor Swift from top of iTunes charts hours after release

Adele | Source : Getty Images A few hours after its release on Friday, Adele’s highly anticipated album, 30, soared to the top of the iTunes chart, dethroning the re-recorded Taylor Swift album, Red (Taylor’s Version), and paving the way for another success for the British singer, whose lead single, “Easy On Me”, shattered streaming … Read more

Adele’s Exciting Concert Proposal – Mind Life TV

There are magic proposals and the next level is the most special marriage proposal that we have seen in recent years. Last weekend took place ‘Adele One Night Only’, a concert by the singer that, in addition to discovering the new songs from her next album, was also one of the most special of her … Read more

Easy On Me Lyrics, Adele’s Latest Single : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After more than half a decade of not releasing a work, Adele the golden voiced British musician has finally re-emerged with a single titled Easy On Me. Written in the midst of a tough divorce, this song has lyrics that explain to his son, Angelo, why his parents can no longer be together. … Read more

What The Video Reveals With A Fragment Of Adele’s New Song (and When It Will Be Released) – BBC News Mundo

October 6, 2021 Caption, Adele in the “Easy On Me” video. The singer Adele showed this Tuesday a preview of her most recent musical work. It is a video with a fragment of a few seconds of the song “Easy on me”, which will be available from October 15, according to the British singer in … Read more