Advances in Space Transportation Systems Transforming Space Coast

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA — From a seaside perch overlooking the hustle and bustle of ships coming and going at Port Canaveral on Florida’s east coast, Dale Ketcham reflects on decades of history with nostalgia. “I moved here and learned how to walk on Cocoa Beach three years before NASA was created” in 1958, he said. … Read more

Protection plan for millions of undocumented immigrants advances in congress | Univision 19 Sacramento KUVS

“One of the aspects is that it will allow people who arrived before January 2011 to apply for a type of permit to be in the country for 5 years and renew them for 5 years. It would include a work permit and maybe travel abroad, ”explained Brian Lopez, an immigration attorney. President Biden’s plan … Read more

Government advances with a discount of 10 cents per liter on fuel

José Sena Goulão / Lusa Finance Minister João Leão The Government will create a discount of ten cents per liter on fuel for all families, up to 50 liters per month. A measure that will be in effect between November this year and March next. The measure was announced by the finance minister, John Lion, … Read more

Why Does The Internet Keep Crashing Despite All The Technological Advances?

I doubt that Mark Zuckerberg read the comments people leave on their posts from Facebook. SIGHT: Apple, Samsung and Sony announce new presentation events in October But, if he did, it would take him roughly 145 days, without sleep, to make his way through the flood of comments sent to him after he apologized for … Read more

Ryanair advances to Naples with 12 new routes for the winter

Ryanair winter from Naples advances with 12 new routes (46 in total) operational since October and an additional aircraft based in Capodichino to support demand, which brings the total to five. These are the new winter routes: Agadir, Bucharest, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, London Luton, Milan Malpensa, Prague, Sofia, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Tenerife and Zagreb. “Ryanair is … Read more

Option red-green-red: After advances by the Left Party – SPD leader formulates conditions for coalition

Germany Red-green-red option After advances by the Left Party – SPD leader formulates conditions for coalition Stand: 5:48 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes SPD chairman Saskia Esken Both SPD party leader Saskia Esken and Ralf Stegner, long-time head of the Northern SPD, accuse the Union of running a non-substance fear campaign against red-green-red. However, … Read more

What Is Metaverse And How Will It Develop As 5G Advances?

It was originally conceived as the setting for dystopian science fiction novels. Now, it is a fundamental objective for Silicon Valley Facebook has many pressing problems. From the proposed antitrust legislation to allegations that the company is contributing to vaccine misinformation. But when the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, joined the conference call with analysts to … Read more

Portugal advances in distrust. Government Anticipates Relief From Constraints

Mariana Vieira da Silva, acting prime minister during António Costa’s vacation, announced this Friday that Portugal anticipates the second phase of deconfinement, due to the target of 70% of the population with complete vaccination against covid-19, achieved ahead of schedule. “Portugal today has a level of vaccination higher than the average for the European Union. … Read more

Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen, prepares his new solo work and advances a song with a famous singer

Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen and author of several classics of the group such as “Radio Gaga”He also has an important solo career. The English musician announced the release of a new album, Outsider, after eight years of silence. Fans can already hear “We’re All Just Trying To Get By”, first advance, which has as … Read more