Ben Affleck’s youngest son took advantage of his father’s carelessness and ended up crashing a Lamborghini

A curious fact starring his 10-year-old son put American actor Ben Affleck in trouble this weekend, while he was looking at exotic cars at a luxury dealership in Las Vegas, Nevada, after causing a crash that, fortunately, did not leave people affected. According to the portal specializing in celebrity news TMZ, This event happened at … Read more

EXCLUSIVE SURVEY – Legislative: Emmanuel Macron approaches the second round with a slight advantage

This Sunday evening, for the second round of the legislative elections, all eyes will be on the constituencies in which the coalition Together! behind Emmanuel Macron faces the Nupes of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. These constituencies being the most numerous – there are 264 duels of this type out of 577 constituencies – the battles that will … Read more

Kiki and Caro stopped by the rain… Nadal takes advantage of the roof to face Zverev… Follow the semi-finals live

16h02 : Third set point saved by the German. It bends, but without breaking… 16h00 : She is saved, this time the German does not miss the net. 3:59 p.m .: Zverev misses his volley, new set point for Nadal! 15h58 : ANOTHER DOUBLE FAULT, BUT IT’S NOT POSSIBLE! 15h57 : Big first from the … Read more

Full 2-0 In The LEB Oro Playoffs With An Advantage For The Locals

4 eliminatory rounds and 4 favorable results by 2-0. That is the situation in which the LEB Oro playoffs find themselves. After very close first matches in which neither team managed to win their match by more than 10 points, the second matches had a very different script. The 4 matches were decided by a … Read more

Rocket Maker Skyrora’s Additive Advantage: Europe’s Largest Hybrid Metal 3D Printer –

All-in-one service provider and manufacturer of satellite launch vehicles, Skyrora has created the largest hybrid metal printer of its kind in Europe. By allowing printing and machining on the same bed, the custom-built Skyprint 2 platform will optimize the speed and efficiency of manufacturing rocket parts and drastically reduce process complexity, cost, and printing time … Read more

Costa has the advantage, but Rio is also growing

António Costa leaves with an advantage over Rui Rio for the January 30 legislatives. According to an Aximage poll for the DN, JN and TSF, the Portuguese consider that the socialist is more competent, supportive and influential. And that will make, therefore, a better prime minister. But there are also positive signs for the Social … Read more

Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey Take Advantage in Gubernatorial Elections | Univision Politics News

The republicano Glenn Youngkin e proclaimed Tuesday night as the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial election over the demócrata Terry McAuliffe after a close electoral contest. With his victory, Youngkin will become the first Republican to win state office in that state in 12 years. The defeat of Democrat Terry McAuliffe marked a sharp turn … Read more

“He used his role to take advantage of me”

Teresa Langella tells his pain to the followers on the social network. The former tronista from “Men and women” Teresa Langella she confided on Instagram and, hoping that her message will also help other women in the same situation, spoke of sexual harassment suffered by a surgeon: “He used his role to take advantage of … Read more

Samsung Days at Amazon: smartphones, screens and connected watches take advantage before the end

Good plan news Samsung Days at Amazon: smartphones, screens and connected watches take advantage before the end Published on 09/30/2021 8:45 PM The Samsung Days are launched and they will continue until Sunday inclusive! This special promotional period at Amazon highlights Samsung products. We thus find smartphones, connected watches, screens, SSDs, etc. And with discounts … Read more