MotoGP: The press advice at the Grand Prix – MotoSport

So that drivers can concentrate on their track work, there is one person in each team who is in charge of the drivers’ public relations. In the Tech3 team that role is in the hands of Mathilde Poncharal, daughter of the team’s owner… He remembers as one of the best moments Miguel Oliveira’s first victory, … Read more

In the context of escalating infections. France takes over EU presidency

French President Emmanuel Macron, who will present on January 19, in Strasbourg, the program of the French presidency of the Council, announced in early December the priorities for the semester. The reform of the Schengen Area, migration flows and a summit with the African Union are French priorities, to which is added the holding, in … Read more

Educational advice offers help with corona effects – report for the year 2021 from the advice center of the district of Celle – Celler Presse

District of CELLE. Due to Corona, the year 2021 was also a very special year for children and teenagers and their parents in the city and district of Celle. By November 15, 2021 there were almost 600 registrations in the educational counseling center. At the beginning of the year, many parents turned to the counseling … Read more

The Curious And Important Advice Elizabeth Olsen Gave To Tom Holland

A few days after the long-awaited premiere of No Way Home, perhaps the most anticipated film of the year, it is nothing new that there is a lot of pressure between the actors who appear in this love, much more for the stellar, Tom Holland. Working under pressure may have been a very common thing … Read more

Jane Poynter on how to lead a company with a mission

Jane Poynter is the founder, co-CEO and chief experience officer of Space Perspective, an extraordinary space tourism company. Poynter has extensive experience as a deep tech entrepreneur and explorer and was part of the original crew for Biosphere 2, the world’s first human-made prototype space base. In 1993, she founded Paragon Space Development Corporation which, … Read more

Our advice for switching to an electric car

Despite the pandemic’s negative impact on the auto industry, electric vehicles have taken a giant leap forward in many countries in 2020. BMW.COM MORNING LIST The automotive revolution has started. In less than two years, sales of electric cars – be they hybrids, plug-in hybrids or 100% electric – have taken off. Over the first … Read more

Alanis Guillen, the new Juma of ‘Pantanal’, received advice from Cristiana Oliveira

Alanis Guillen and Cristiana Oliveira, in Pantanal (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram/Andrea Dematte/TV) Alanis Guillen, confirmed as the new Juma Marruá of the ‘Pantanal’ remake, revealed during an interview with ‘Fantástico’ last Sunday (19), that she received a tip from Cristiana Oliveira, protagonist of the soap opera originally shown in 1990 by the extinct TV Manchete. The actress, … Read more

Do You Want To Get Rich ?: Look At The Advice That Mark Cuban Gives To Achieve That Purpose

These are some keys of the billionaire Mark Cuban that can help you to be rich, according to his statements in various media and throughout his career “How to get rich”, “how to become a millionaire”, “how to be rich” … A simple search with these words on the internet shows tens and hundreds of … Read more

Christoph Waltz gives advice: “Put on the damn mask”

When giving interviews, actor Christoph Waltz speaks loud and clear. The German-Austrian interpreter, who achieved international fame with his role as Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards”, spoke to the magazine GQ, dialogue in which he spoke about the pandemic, his current life in times of confinement and also dedicated a few words to … Read more