Nintendo advises new Switch owners to update their games and consoles as soon as possible

With the arrival of the vacation period corresponding to the year-end holidays, many people around the world, including students, employees or retirees, will be alive to dedicate themselves to their family and their hobbies, among them: video games. With the Nintendo Switch increasingly consolidating itself as one of the top 5 best-selling video games of … Read more

Castelo de Paiva’s best student advises to “walk in together as early as the 10th grade”

Life is made by goals. By completing one, we advance to the next and so on. After all, it’s because of the effort we put in, the spirit of resilience we adopt and the sacrifices we make that we feel fulfilled with each goal achieved. Whether more or less difficult to achieve, more or less … Read more

Schüler advises start-ups and works on prefabricated house software

Felix Kläres wants clear relationships. That is why the student from Ober-Ramstadt had specifically obtained legal approval at the age of 14 that he was allowed to run a business despite his young age. He got into his business back then through his hobbies, model making and 3D printing. Kläres made 3D components and figures … Read more

Christian von Stetten advises the entire CDU presidium to resign

Dhe CDU MP Christian von Stetten suggested that the presidium members of his party resign after the severe election defeat. “The CDU presidium can enforce a candidate for chancellor against all polls, against the sister party, against the parliamentary group and against the party base,” said von Stetten of “Bild am Sonntag”. “But then the … Read more

+++ Afghanistan: situation is coming to a head – EU advises on how to deal with refugees +++

fromTobias Utz conclude Jan-Frederik Wendt conclude The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse. Several missiles are fired at Kabul airport. EU interior ministers: advising inside – the situation in the news ticker. The situation in Afghanistan * is worsening. The Taliban * have taken control of the country. Several rockets will be fired on the … Read more

France advises against trips to Portugal and Spain and admits reinforcement of measures

The situation in the Iberian countries is “particularly worrying”, said Clement Beaune, adding that “in the coming days there may be a reinforcement of measures” in the context of travel. The advice comes in the wake of an increase in cases in both countries, linked to an increase in the prevalence of the delta variant. … Read more