In Fécamp, fish is (also) a women’s affair

By Stéphane Horel and Nathalie Mohadjer Posted today at 04:00 Reserved for our subscribers Fragments of FranceIn the port of Seine-Maritime, the Fish Market, run by Nathalie Lecanu, is an institution and a sort of “social club”, where people meet and where lives are built. In small strides, Martine Couturier crosses the pea puree that … Read more

Russia freezes mission with NATO amid espionage affair

Sergey Lavrov, the head of Russian diplomacy, October 18, 2021. AP This is a new illustration of the strong tensions which have opposed Russia and the West for several years between sanctions, cross-expulsions of diplomats, accusations of electoral interference, espionage and cyberattacks attributed to Moscow. Russia announced Monday, October 18, to suspend its mission of … Read more

” Work. The great affair of humanity ”: towards another work

Delivered. Since the turmoil of the industrial revolution, many thinkers have believed that automation would be the key to an economic utopia. In 1776, Adam Smith was ecstatic at the “Ingenious machines” who would end up “Shorten and facilitate the work”. In 1930, Keynes predicted that at the beginning of the XXIe century capital growth, … Read more

The submarine affair: NATO’s silences

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left) and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (right) attend a meeting, at the Pentagon, September 22, 2021, in Arlington, Virginia. DREW ANGERER / AFP NATO, severely shaken in recent weeks, does not easily face painful debates. Hence the official silence, within the Atlantic Alliance, on the birth of Aukus, … Read more

Former European Commissioner Phil Hogan at the heart of a new “revolving door” affair

Former Irish European Commissioner Phil Hogan, in Brussels, in December 2019. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP A case of “revolving doors”, another one, in Brussels, where, despite some reforms, the functioning of the institutions remains tainted by the system of “revolving doors” between the public and private sectors. This time, it is the Irish conservative Phil … Read more

the Villemin affair, behind closed doors at the national level

From left to right: Laurence Arné, Michaël Abiteboul, Guillaume de Tonquédec. CAROLINE DUBOIS / CHEYENNE / TF1 TF1 – MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 AT 9:05 PM – SERIES There are probably as many Villemin businesses as there are French ones. Gregory’s murder and his endless retorts crept into intimacy, sometimes clandestinely. In 1984 and 1985, the … Read more

Alvin Faiz allegedly having an affair with a married woman at a 5-star hotel : Okezone Celebrity

ON While still married to Larissa Chou, Alvin Faiz was suspected of having an affair with a married woman in a five-star hotel. Alvin is suspected of having an affair with the wife of a man with the initials JR. It is as if the statement from the @opposite6890.recall account on Instagram accusing Alvin Faiz … Read more

Simple revenge or political affair, the aggression of Takeshi Kitano is debated in Japan

Filmmaker Takeshi Kitano at a ceremony celebrating the thirty-year reign of Emperor Akihito, in Tokyo, in April 2019. TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP The attack on Takeshi Kitano ignites social networks in Japan, where some see it as a political gesture. The filmmaker, also a popular Japanese television personality under the pseudonym Beat Takeshi, was the … Read more