In Doha, a four-star transit camp for Afghan exiles

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (2nd from right), visits the Park View Villas, in Doha, on September 19, 2021. The residence planned for the 2022 FIFA World Cup houses Afghan refugees . KARIM JAAFAR / AFP In Qatar, the Park View Villas, a newly built subdivision on the outskirts of … Read more

Albania, unexpected refuge for the Afghan elite

By Isabelle Mandraud Posted today at 1:00 a.m., updated at 5:11 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers FactualDeparting from Kabul airport in dramatic conditions, families were transported by the American military aviation to this small Balkan country, the time to obtain a hypothetical visa for the United States. They are engineers, doctors, journalists, teachers or graduate … Read more

“What the Taliban want is the social disappearance of Afghan women”

During a demonstration in support of the Taliban at Kabul University on September 11, 2021. FELIPE DANA / AP WITHarifa Ghafari, the first Afghan woman elected mayor, explained on September 4, in the columns of the Madame Figaro, than the taliban “Try to erase the identity of women, to make them disappear from society. They … Read more

Qatar at the center of the Afghan diplomatic game

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Ben Abderrahmane Al Thani (6th from left) meets with new Afghan prime minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund (center) in Kabul on September 12, 2021. AFP PHOTO / HO / QATARI FOREIGN MINISTRY In the Afghan affair, Qatar is omnipresent. The micro-state, located 2,000 kilometers from Kabul, plays a key role, both … Read more

Taliban government restricts access to university for Afghan women

Veiled students wave the Taliban flag at Kabul University on September 11, 2021. AAMIR QURESHI / AFP Disappearing behind his large office as president of the Faculty of Economics of Mazar-e Charif (northern Afghanistan), a post landed after thirty-six years of career, Abdul Jalil Naikjo does not want to lose this Grail because of an … Read more

In Mazar-e Charif, Afghan women, the last bulwark against the Taliban

Soheila (not her real name for security reasons), doctor in Mazar-e Charif (Afghanistan), September 10, 2021. WILLIAM DANIEL FOR “THE WORLD” The twenty years of American presence in Afghanistan, now decried, have made Afghan women a real political force. More numerous and more representative, they embody, today, the face of resistance to the Taliban yoke, … Read more

What remains of the Afghan “Che”, twenty years after his death?

Ahmed Chah Massoud (center), in 1984, with other Mujahedin commanders, in the Panchir valley in Afghanistan. JEAN-LUC BREMONT/AP TV HISTORY – THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 9 AT 8:50 PM – DOCUMENTARY AND SPECIAL EVENING The Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan. The shadow of Commander Massoud also, in this valley of Panchir, the last bastion of … Read more

in Venice, the cry of alarm of the Afghan filmmaker Sahraa Karimi

Sahraa Karimi, September 4, 2021, during the 78th Venice Film Festival. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP Afghan filmmaker Sahraa Karimi fled Kabul on August 15, the day the Taliban seized power in the capital. Since then, with her combative voice, she has continued to sound the alarm in the media. His face, discovered on videos that … Read more