a group of independent experts will look into the equipment of agricultural workers

A farmer from Calvados takes part in a study on the exposure of farmers to pesticides, in May 2021. The study is led by Yannick Lecluse, research technician and Jeremy Le Goff, research engineer, at the Center François-Baclesse, in Caen . ED ALCOCK / MYOP FOR “THE WORLD” Are agricultural workers really protected by the … Read more

In Ardèche, the local guys take over agricultural succession

Par Alice Raybaud Published today at 02:50 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageOn the plateau of Coiron, two friends, Antoine and Léandre, embarked on the takeover of the family farm of the first. Like many local young people, they never imagined themselves living “elsewhere” than in this territory with its strong identity. Antoine Turrel has pulled … Read more

Strong rebound expected in the value of French agricultural production in 2021

A wheat field, in Saint-Philbert-sur-Risle, in the Eure, August 13, 2021. JOEL SAGET / AFP The soaring prices of wheat, corn, barley, sugar and potatoes will be the honey of many French farmers in 2021. In any case, cereals and large-scale farmers. The good fortune of these sectors largely explains the strong rebound in the … Read more

by renouncing his agricultural reform, Narendra Modi gives in for the first time during a social conflict

Indian farmers celebrate the repeal of agricultural laws near the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border in India on November 19, 2021. ANUSHREE FADNAVIS / REUTERS Narendra Modi caught everyone off guard. The Indian Prime Minister has decided to cancel his agricultural reform against which peasants have been protesting for more than a year by maintaining blockades at … Read more

There is no unanimous support for the “agricultural Varenne de l’eau”

During a demonstration in Epannes (Deux-Sèvres), in October 2020, against an agricultural irrigation project. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP The decline in water resources in most watersheds, the repeated alternations of drought and exceptional rains, affect French territory. How will farmers, who are particularly exposed to it, be able to respond? And how can the inseparable … Read more

The intense lobbying of the agro-industry against the agricultural component of the European Green Pact, “Farm to Fork”

Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, on May 20, 2020, in Brussels, during a press conference on the European “Farm to Fork” strategy. JOHN THYS / AFP The agro-industry wants to derail the European strategy “from the farm to the fork” (“Farm to Fork”), the agricultural component of the Green Deal (“Green Deal”) announced … Read more

marches against the artificialization of agricultural land

Opponents of the artificialization of agricultural land demonstrate, Sunday, October 10, in front of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. PHOTO : R. BX Fight against the artificialization of agricultural land in Ile-de-France, against infrastructure projects, often transport, “Unnecessary” according to their opponents: this was the common slogan of the hundreds of demonstrators who gathered, … Read more

The sale of the educational and agricultural site of Grignon meets strong opposition

Demonstration in Thiverval-Grignon (Yvelines), Saturday September 11, against the sale of the Château de Grignon and hundreds of hectares of natural and agricultural land for a real estate project. PHOTO : R. BX They were a little more than 500, Saturday September 11, in front of the gates of the castle of Grignon, in Yvelines, … Read more

Too many and become predators? Vultures divide the agricultural world

By Anne Devailly Posted today at 02:23, updated at 06:00 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageOn the causses, these birds, natural agents for rendering carcasses, are accused by breeders of attacking farm animals. In early August, a griffon vulture was found dead, riddled with lead, in the Cévennes National Park, the Bird Protection League (LPO) announced … Read more

Autonomous spectral analysis of agricultural land from orbit. The idea of ​​Polish companies

According to research by the UN food agency – FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), by 2050 agricultural production will have to increase by as much as 70% to provide enough food for the constantly growing human population. Such opportunities remain correlated to a large extent with soil quality and maintenance, including an appropriate crop fertilization … Read more