Feeling Embarrassed to Give Gifts to Raffi Ahmad, Peek at the Biography of Princess Tanjung the Beautiful Sultan: Okezone Celebrity

PRINCESS Tanjung It shocked the netizens when he gave a gift to Raffi Ahmad’s son, Baby R. He admitted that he was ashamed to give a gift to the figure of Raffi Ahmad, who is known as a wealthy artist in Indonesia. So, who doesn’t know this daughter of a conglomerate in the country? Let’s … Read more

Putri Tanjung Malu Gives a Gift to Raffi Ahmad, Netizens: Crazy, Gifts to Fellow Sultans: Okezone Celebrity

DAUGHTER Tanjung gave a gift to Baby R, Raffi Ahmad’s son. However, this beautiful sultan was even embarrassed to give a gift to Nagita Slavina’s child and it was highlighted by netizens. This moment was captured and uploaded to Instagram by Raffi Ahmad. Putri Tanjung gave a gift wrapped in a paper bag, which she … Read more

Expressing Feelings Before Nagita Slavina Gives Birth, Raffi Ahmad: I’m Really Calm : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Nagita Slavina I had trouble sleeping before giving birth. Unlike her husband, Raffi Ahmad, who is calmer when waiting for the birth of his second child. This was recorded in a video uploaded by RANS Entertainment recently. In the video Raffi Ahmad | had fallen asleep with his son, Rafathar before the moment of … Read more

Getting to know Wiratama, Mahadewa Guitarist by Ahmad Dhani : Okezone Celebrity

FIGURE Wiratama, guitarist Mahadewa made by Ahmad Dhani in the music world is quite well known. Not only big there, there are also a myriad of achievements of Wiratama that made his name famous. Mahadewa is a rock band formed by Ahmad Dhani. At that time, Wiratama was increasingly recognized by the fans of this … Read more

Ari Lasso 3 times chemotherapy, bald like Ahmad Dhani and Deddy Corbuzier: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ari Lasso reported his current condition after undergoing chemotherapy for the third time. As we all know, the former Dewa 19 frontman had told that he was suffering from lymphoma cancer. Through his Instagram social media, Ari Lasso uploaded a portrait of himself wearing a kind of hat on his head. Also Read: … Read more

Raffi Ahmad shows off photos of baby ears, has Nagita Slavina given birth? : Okezone Celebrity

NAGITA Slavina and Raffi Ahmad showed off a photo of the baby’s ear during an ultrasound. When was Rafathar’s sister born into the world? sabar ya Okezoners, Nagita Slavina will soon give birth. The delivery is just a few days away. Before giving birth, Nagita accompanied by Raffi Ahmad did an ultrasound to see the … Read more

Raffi Ahmad Kurung Rafathar in the Bathroom, Merry: Crying Kejer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Raffi Ahmad | apparently had time to punish Rafathar to be locked in the bathroom. This was told by the assistant, Merry when he was a guest star on Denny Cagur’s YouTube channel. Merry reveals that Nagita Slavina has actually given a rule so that Rafathar can only purchase a game on a Saturday … Read more

Atta Halilintar Wins Award at ITA 2021, Defeats Raffi Ahmad and Baim Wong: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Atta Halilintar also brought home the award trophy at the 2021 Indonesian Television Awards (ITA) event. Aurel Hermansyah’s husband won the Most Popular Inspiring Public Figure category. In that category, Atta managed to beat senior artists such as Raffi Ahmad, Baim Wong, Deddy Corbuzier, and Najwa Shihab. Successfully winning the award, Atta thanks … Read more

Ahmad Dhani doesn’t want to be imprisoned anymore, his wife and children are the main reason: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Musician Ahmad Dhani recounted his experience when he had to serve a prison sentence of approximately 11 months due to being exposed to the ITE Law case in 2019. To Deddy Corbuzier, the Dewa 19 frontman admitted that he no longer wanted to go to prison. Not because he gave up on the situation … Read more

Talking about the Deddy Corbuzier controversy, Ahmad Dhani: Sorry: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Musician Ahmad Dhani also spoke out about the controversy over Deddy Corbuzier’s statement about students covering their ears when listening to music. Through Instagram, he uploaded a photo with the former mentalist. Through this upload, the frontman of the Dewa band seemed to imply that there was an exciting conversation related to the … Read more