Metronome Prague 2022 has a ready-made program. He invites to rock, pop, electronics and for the first time also aims at hip hop stars

The Prague Cultural Festival Metronome Prague, which will take place on June 23-26 at the Prague Exhibition Grounds, is publishing a complete program. He brings fifty exclusive music projects on eight stages. Visitors will find a number of newly confirmed performers, many foreign musicians, bands, unique domestic projects and several new dramaturgical lines. The main … Read more

Oman invests in experiences between culture, adventure and Mice. And it aims for 5 million arrivals

Da sinistra, Haitham Mohammed Al Ghassani e Khalid Al Zadjali Culture, adventure, Mice: all expressed through unique and authentic experiences. Oman starts from here ready to grasp the long-awaited travel demand by showing off the best of its product, with an eye always turned to Vision 2040, “which aims at 5 million international arrivalscompared to … Read more

The Banyan Tree group launches five new brands and aims to double its portfolio by 2025

A glimpse of the Banyan Tree Escape, Buahan, in Bali, which is scheduled to open later this year Ambition plans for Banyan Tree. The hotel group based in Singapore and specializing in wellness and sustainable offers has in fact declared its intention to double its current portfolio of 54 facilities across 23 different countries by … Read more

NASA Aims to Decipher Stranger Things in Earth’s Polar Cusp With CREX-2 | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

Vapour Tracer (NASA/Lee Wingfield) No matter how far humanity has progressed in scientific research, some places on Earth, like the Bermuda Triangle, remain a lingering mystery for most curious souls. One such mysterious and fascinating place is the area above the North pole of our home planet. Every day at noon, when the Sun is … Read more

Conca della Campania, an uncontaminated land that aims to promote itself to enhance the excellence of the territory

Conca della Campania presented its offer in Florence at The World in Florence, the first International Festival of Cultural Expressions (promoted by the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation and by the Life Beyond Tourism Travel to Dialogue Movement), a concrete opportunity to highlight the identity of the territories through the narration of those who live and … Read more

In Germany, the future government aims for 80% renewable energies by 2030

Two technicians maintain an Enercon E92 wind turbine in Bernsdorf, Germany on Monday, November 15, 2021. JAN WOITAS / AP It was one of the most anticipated questions of the roadmap of the next government presented in Berlin, Wednesday November 24: how would Germany accelerate its laborious transition to zero carbon? Would the three coalition … Read more

NASA Climate Action Plan Aims to Update Agency’s Climate Modeling

NASA’s TEMPO pollution monitoring instrument. Photo file: NASA NASA has set a goal to update its climate modeling to improve data on Earth’s water and energy cycle to combat climate change, the agency detailed in a climate action plan released Oct. 8. The action plan comes as part of President Biden’s focus on climate change. … Read more

NASA @ My Library grant aims to increase STEAM learning opportunities

The NASA @ My Library grant is for $1,600. The Farmington Public Library was one of three libraries in New Mexico to receive the grant. Libray officials plan to announce programming related to the grant soon. FARMINGTON — While the money associated with a new grant received by the Farmington Public Library is relatively small, … Read more

How Data Technology Aims to Improve Space Travel

The problem with exploring space is that it takes too long to travel and send information to Earth. Data technology is the solution as it develops hardware, software, and strategies to make transmissions faster, easier, and more robust. Here’s what experts have accomplished so far in connecting data technology with space travel, plus how this … Read more