The Bond of Love December 19, 2021: Aldebaran Gets More Suspicious of Rendy, Irvan Corners Katrin: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond December 19, 2021 featured Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) who felt anxious and increasingly curious about Rendy (Ikbal Fauzi). He suspects whether his assistant is really hiding something from him related to Jessica (Larasati Nugroho). Seeing her husband in a daze, Andin (Amanda Manopo) tries to calm him down Aldebaran and asked … Read more

Synopsis of the Bond of Love October 18, 2021: Aldebaran Annoyed that Nino Called Reyna as My Son: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond October 18, 2021 featured Elsa who was seen contacting Reyna and Andin via Surya’s father’s cell phone. On that occasion, Elsa admitted that she really missed her niece. Andin also said that in the near future he would stop by Bandung to meet Elsa. In fact, he also asked that … Read more

Aldebaran Finds New Terrorist Clues : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis The Bond of Love October 11, 2021 is getting more exciting. This time, Papa Surya was seen outside the house, but when he looked for his cellphone, he couldn’t find it. As a result, Papa Surya called Mama Sarah through the restaurant’s cellphone to find out where her cellphone was at home. … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love October 6, 2021: Rendy Finds Out the Figure of Denis, Aldebaran Meets Irfan : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond October 6, 2021, will feature Andin calling Irfan and asking him to come to his residence. He said he would introduce Irfan to his husband and mother-in-law. It made Irfan happy. He even admitted that he was willing to come to Andin’s residence and meet his husband and in-laws. In … Read more

So Sweet, Aldebaran Secretly Buys Diamond Earrings for Andin : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 2 October 2021, Andin and Aldebaran’s intimacy from Andin’s 29th birthday celebration party will continue tonight. Wanting to be alone with Andin, Aldebaran pulls Andin away from the crowd at his birthday party. Aldebaran apparently deliberately wanted to be alone with Andin, without being seen by many people because he … Read more

Aldebaran and Rendy are back together after the Cold War, mothers are not sad anymore : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond Recently, it featured the relationship between Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) and Rendy (Ikbal Fauzi) who had had an argument. This is because Andin’s husband (Amanda Manopo) is suspicious of the assistant regarding terror to his family. His cold and disbelieving attitude Aldebaran Rendy, who incidentally is a person who has been … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love October 1, 2021: Aldebaran Contacts Terrorists, Andin and Irvan’s Family Background Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Love Bond October 1, 2021, will feature Aldebaran’s hard work, assisted by Angga and Ricky, to find out who the perpetrators of the terror attack on Mama Rosa, Andin, Reyna and Rendy were, were ultimately not in vain. A new figure, a man is shown who has been the mastermind behind the terror acts … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love September 30, 2021: Aldebaran Forgot Andin’s Birthday, Deliberately Prepared a Surprise? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– The drama of Andin’s birthday celebration will color the episode Love Bond tonight, Thursday (30/9/2021). After praying together with Aldebaran, Andin was getting ready to welcome his beloved husband’s birthday wishes. But what happened was unexpected. Through a teaser broadcast uploaded to the official Instagram account Love Bond, Thursday (30/9/2021) after praying together, Aldebaran … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love September 29, 2021: Aldebaran Gets the Address of the Suspected Terrorist: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond September 29, 2021, will feature the struggle of Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) who is assisted by Angga (Kevin Hillers), to find out who is the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on the Alfahri family, starting to show results. Together with Angga, Aldebaran was seen visiting someone’s house. Through a teaser broadcast … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love September 27, 2021: Aldebaran Suspects the Bread Brought Rendy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond September 27, 2021 will feature the arrival of Rendy, Aldebaran’s right hand man who suddenly stops by the boss’s residence. Without his bare hands, Rendy was seen bringing bread for Alfahri’s family to eat, including Mama Rosa, Andin, and Reyna. When Andin was about to eat the bread, Al suddenly … Read more