Nasa ‘confirms’ it’s joining search for UFOs after previously REFUSING to ‘actively hunt’ alien objects

NASA has reportedly confirmed it will officially join the hunt for UFOs after a groundbreaking UAP Congress hearing earlier this month. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and official sightings were recently discussed at a public US Congress hearing on May 17. 2 The UFO congress hearing revealed spherical and triangular objects that experts can’t seem to … Read more

Alien life on can survive better on Super-Earths • The Register

Life on Super-Earths may have more time to develop and evolve, thanks to their long-lasting magnetic fields protecting them against harmful cosmic rays, according to new research published in Science. Space is a hazardous environment. Streams of charged particles traveling at the speed of light, ejected from stars and distant galaxies, bombard planets. The intense … Read more

Google Maps users spooked by perfect circle in mountains sparking ‘UFO landing’ theories

Google Maps users have been spooked by a perfect circle that appeared in some desert mountains, sparking theories that it is a UFO landing site. The image was uploaded to the r/Google Maps forum on Reddit, alongside the caption: “What’s this round thing?” The picture, taken from Google Map’s satellite view, clearly shows a large … Read more

Tweaking the Trajectory – NASA’s Europa Clipper

Every part of Europa Clipper’s flight path, or trajectory, is important – from launch in 2024 until end-of-mission in the mid-2030s. But the mission’s scientific target is Europa, so the most complex and demanding segment of the spacecraft’s trajectory is the three years when it performs repeated flybys of the moon. This part of the … Read more

Preventing “Alien” Invasions

Preventing “Alien” Invasions Press Release From: McGill University Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2021 The search of life beyond our world is an exciting venture that may yield an enormous discovery in the not-too-distant future. However, space agencies around the world, including NASA and the European Space Agency, have long been aware of the potential risks … Read more

Swarms of Reproducing Alien Probes Could Be Spotted by Huge Radio Telescope

New research has revealed that the world’s largest radio telescope, located in China, could potentially spot self-replicating probes launched by a distant intelligent alien civilization, should they exist. These probes, also known as von Neumann probes after the scientist who first proposed their existence, have been posited as the most efficient way for intelligent life … Read more

the return of a cult game with DNA similar to the “Alien” films

When we talk about Nintendo licenses, we easily think of colorful, fanciful and general public universes: d ‘Animal Crossing : New Horizons, with its curvaceous animals, Super Mario Bros, whose good humor seems stainless, passing by the Pokémon or The Legend of Zelda : Breath of The Wild, more melancholy but accessible to all… The leading figures … Read more

NASA Mars rover reveals landing site was a huge lake, could hold signs of alien life

Perserverance’s view across the Jezero Crater toward the ancient river delta. NASA/JPL-Caltech Mars rovers may soon be given a few new checkpoints to explore. Geologists say specific zones of an ancient river delta, near where NASA’s Perseverance rover is stationed on the rocky red planet, could hold fossilized evidence of extraterrestrial life. Though they don’t … Read more

Mars Rover Grabs First Rock Sample, a ‘Truly Historic Moment’ and Major Step in Hunt for Alien Life

On the 6th of September, the Mars Rover Perseverance drilled down into a briefcase-sized rock with its incredibly sophisticated sample and capture system, and then took a photo to commemorate the first Martian rock retrieved as part of its mission. NASA/JPL After a brief confusion, scientists and space enthusiasts finally saw the photo that conclusively … Read more