Amber Capital, polite agitator of European capitalism

Joseph Oughourlian, founder of the Amber Capital fund, in Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais), July 15. JOHAN BEN AZZOUZ / PHOTOPQR/MAXPPP What if 2021 was the year of recognition for activist funds in France? In March, Danone’s board ousted CEO Emmanuel Faber, a target of criticism from the modest British fund Bluebell. In April, Vinci put to … Read more

“Once-in-a-lifetime” tardigrade found in ancient amber

Microscopic eight-legged invertebrates that resemble squishy bears are among the toughest creatures on Earth, with the ability to survive decades without food, extreme temperatures and even in the vacuum of space. Fossils of the creatures are extremely rare, with only two being found in history — until now. In a new study published on Wednesday, … Read more

Why Johnny Depp Has Been Professionally Canceled And Amber Heard Hasn’t – Celebs.Cool

In his golden years, the star-system it was run by studios that kept their stars’ dirty laundry under lock and key. From time to time someone would escape but they did everything possible to hide scandals that could give them a “bad reputation” (even sexual tendencies). Hollywood has always lived on the illusion of glamor … Read more

Amber ends her days / Jasmine confesses her bipolarity to Rose – Here it all begins September 28, 2021 (episode 237) | Here it all begins

Discover the detailed summary of Here it all begins season 2 in advance episode 237 broadcast on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 (TF1). Amber humiliated by Teyssier, she cannot stand this affront and decides to do a TS. Eliott gets a reprieve, he can stay at the institute. Jasmine confesses her illness to Rose. The complete … Read more

Amber Heard reads Pablo Neruda while Johnny Depp denounces being a victim of the ‘culture of cancellation’ – Celebs.Cool

Johnny Depp denounced “cancel culture” a few hours before receiving the highest award of Saint Sebastianmeanwhile his ex-wife Amber Heard posted a couple of photos of herself relaxing at home in the company of Pablo Neruda. The actress is seen holding a Pablo Neruda book while posing for selfies. “Timeout with Pablo”, he wrote referring … Read more

MSPO 2021: development of the AMBER 2K suborbital rocket

Return of the Polish rocket system to the edge of space? During the seminar, which took place on September 8, 2021 at Targi Kielce, there was a presentation of the development direction of the recoverable ILR-33 AMBER rocket, presented at MSPO in the 2K variant. The system is a demonstrator of the sub-orbital volatile platform, … Read more

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp’s Lawsuit Against Her Should Be Dismissed – Celebs.Cool

In 2019 Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79%, Waiting for the Barbarians – 51%, Murder on the Orient Express – 58%) launched a US $ 50 million lawsuit against Amber Heard (Aquaman – 73%, Justice League – 41%), accusing her of defaming him and falsely saying that … Read more

Johnny Depp: The Pencil Seller Who Didn’t Want To Be An Actor And Is Now A Real Villain | Amber Heard

According to the criteria of Know more Johnny Depp has been on everyone’s lips in the last few weeks after the actor lost a libel suit in England for the qualification of “wife abuser” in relation to his ex-partner Amber Heard and its subsequent separation of the franchise “Fantastic Beasts” (“Fantastic Animals”), which he helped … Read more

Johnny Depp Breaks His Silence After His Controversial Case With Amber Heard

The life of Johnny Depp has changed remarkably in recent years after his separation from Amber Heard ended in court following accusations of mistreatment towards the renowned American actor. In these legal battles, the interpreter was defeated against the newspaper ‘The Sun‘for one of the reports on this news in which he was branded as … Read more

Amber Heard Farewell To ‘Aquaman 2’? This Said The Producer After Losing Lawsuit With Johnny Depp

After the news broke that the actress Amber Heard lost the lawsuit against Johnny Deep, the film’s production “Aquaman 2”, a film where Heard has the leading female role, informed whether he will take action after a New York court ruled in favor of the interpreter of Jack Sparrow. Since the lawsuit began, both actors … Read more