Directive of America, annoyed with Solari for proposals and justifications

The tall azulcrema flat believes that the Argentine strategist gave away the first leg and showed few responses from the bench in the return leg against Pumas The defeat before Pumas in the quarterfinals it represented the second failure of Santiago Solari in the Mexican soccer league with America. The Argentine strategist has impressive numbers … Read more

Santiago Baños reveals that America is going for ‘two or three reinforcements’

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 26.11.2021 20:55:18 Although his participation in the Opening 2021, at America are already thinking in what will be el next tournament, in which they hope to incorporate two or three players to the Azulcrema squad, he confirmed it Santiago Banos, sports president of the Eagles. “We have a solid project, … Read more

Portuguese unicorn responds to Trevor Noah: “There is technology created in Portugal that protects 4 of the 5 largest banks in North America” ​​- Technology

Humorist Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show”, spoke about Portugal in a segment of the program and addressed the recent amendment to the Labor Code, in which the new rules of the so-called “right to disconnect”, approved by MPs earlier this month , realize that the “employer has the duty to refrain from contacting … Read more

First Official Image Of América Chávez In Doctor Strange 2

A promotional image of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness has been leaked that presents the first official image of América Chávez in the MCU Recently Marvel Studios reported changes to its theatrical release schedule, one of the affected movies has been Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which will go from premiering … Read more

Neighbors Oppose The Megaproject Of The Azteca Stadium, Prior To The Game Between América And Tigres

So far most of the settlers have opposed the planned construction or remodeling of the Azteca Stadium. Around the Aztec stadium, neighbors oppose with pints and opinions to the megaproject that is intended to be done in the house of America, which includes a hotel and shopping center within the facilities of the enclosure. Neighbors … Read more

How Mark Zuckerberg Created Facebook And What Are The Claims He Faces In America

Thus arose Facemash, but success and trouble came together. The primitive social network became a sort of catalog for students – especially women – thinking of appointments or personal contacts. But the problem was that the photos and profiles of two girls were presented and the students “voted” or rated them. The topic reached the … Read more

Juan Carlos Osorio makes an obscene sign to the stands; his future is at stake with América de Cali this weekend

The pressure for Juan Carlos Osorio with América de Cali is at the limit; This weekend he will hold a key duel against Atlético Nacional The coach of América de Cali, Juan Carlos Osorio, made an obscene signal to the fans of Santa Fe, on his way to the locker room, after losing the Superliga … Read more

Columbus in America: the Vikings arrived on the continent almost 500 years before the European navigator, according to a new study

Drafting BBC News World 2 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, L’Anse aux Meadows is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland, Canada. The Vikings created a settlement in North America exactly 1,000 years and centuries before Christopher Columbus arrived in America, a new study shows. Scientists say a new dating technique, which analyzes the … Read more

The Vikings were in America exactly a thousand years ago

Reconstruction of a Viking habitat near the Anse aux Meadows site (Newfoundland, Canada). GLENN NAGEL PHOTOGRAPHY Let’s start, once is not custom, with information sixty years old but which, although capital, may still have escaped some: Christopher Columbus is not the first European to have set foot in America. About half a millennium before the … Read more