Disney + Day: Amy Adams And Patrick Dempsey Revealed At Enchanted 2 Premiere

If you are a millennial you surely dreamed and enjoyed the movie Nice to meet you when it was released 14 years ago. There’s been a lot of talk throughout this time about a possible sequel, although the mouse study never revealed whether or not it would become real, well, until now. Yes, because this … Read more

Ten years without the dazzling voice of Amy Winehouse, the diva of jazz and soul

Magazine Gallery – Montevideo Portal Amy Winehouse broke all stereotypes. Her voice was more like a black jazz diva than a young white, Jewish, British woman. A victim for years of alcohol, drugs, depression and bulimia, and of an environment that failed to protect her, she died at her home in the London neighborhood of … Read more

Amy Winehouse, the Camden Girl

“Singing was important to me but I never thought I would end up working as a singer”, This was stated by the British singer, Amy Winehouse, who never imagined the magnitude that it would reach in the history of world music. He was an inspiration from visual artists, fashion designers and fellow musicians. Googling Amy … Read more

Amy Winehouse: the revelations of the new documentary about the British singer 10 years after her death

23 July 2021 Caption, The documentary “Claiming Amy” seeks to show another side of the talented but troubled British singer-songwriter. This Friday is the 10th anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse, the iconic and rebellious British singer-songwriter who could not overcome her dependence on drugs and alcohol, to which she succumbed at the age … Read more

10 years after her departure: this was the successful career of Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse, who was a renowned vocalist and performer of various musical genres, such as rock, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues and ska. She is also known for being alto, a vocal register that was described as acoustically powerful and capable of expressing her emotions deeply. 10 years have passed since the artist’s death, … Read more

A decade in the world without Amy Winhouse

Today exactly ten years ago, lovers of the music of one of the most virtuous contemporary artists of soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and several other genres, learned of the death of Amy Winhouse, the world has already spent a decade without his talent. Amy Jade Winhouse Seaton, was born one day in September 1983 … Read more