Who is Ana de Armas, the actress who plays Marilyn Monroe on Netflix and who was Ben Affleck’s girlfriend – Mind Life TV

When she traveled to the United States to make a name for herself in Hollywood, Ana de Armas did not know English. She left her native Cuba thanks to the fact that she had Spanish citizenship through her maternal grandparents. In addition to standing out in the cinema, the Cuban has also been the protagonist … Read more

Ana de Armas and her first and impressive images as Marilyn Monroe for Blonde, from Netflix – Mind Life TV

Blonde, Andrew Dominik’s Netflix adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel It already has its first preview of just over a minute in which the actress can be seen Anne of Arms in the skin of Marilyn Monroe. The preview also reveals the release date of the film in which the Australian director has been working … Read more

Ana De Armas Will Be Presented At The World Premiere Of “Blonde”, The Marilyn Monroe Biopic

Ana de Armas in “Blonde”. (Netflix) Blonde is one of the most anticipated dramas of this year. It is focused on the life of Marilyn Monroe and directed by Andrew Dominic. The film, with quite a lot of controversy in the preview, is starring nothing more and nothing less than the Cuban-Spanish actress Anne of … Read more

Ana Guiomar asks the authors of “Festa é Festa”

Starting the recordings of the third season of “Festa é Festa”, Ana Guiomar became an exclusive TVI actress, and, in a conversation with SELFIE, revealed that she made a request to the authors of the soap opera. 17 years after “Morangos com Açúcar”, what would you say, now, to that girl, who suddenly arrived at … Read more

‘Pipoca’ rocks Ana Morina live: “Worst ambassador of sorority”

Ana Morina was the competitor expelled from ‘Big Brother’ this Sunday night, the 21st, and upon arrival at Venda do Pinheiro studio, she was confronted with the voracious opinion of Ana Garcia Martins (‘A Pipoca Mais Doce’). “I think that Ana has two merits in this program: the first is that she is probably the … Read more

Federico Rossi … is the new single coming with Ana Mena? »All Music Italia

Federico Rossi Ana Mena… This could be the new couple of the musical autumn 2021. At least from what the two artists suggest from the social networks. Both artists are returning from a successful summer … Federico is back from his solo debut after the artistic separation from Benjiamin Mascolo. In April the young artist … Read more

Ana Bárbara And Her Brilliant Career Despite The Prevailing Machismo In The Mexican Regional

The popularity that regional Mexican music has achieved in recent years is admirable. The high popularity rate of regional Mexican music in the United States is due to the loyalty of the public beyond the border. However, even with a high popularity index the musical genre currently contains a low number of female singers. Ana … Read more

Ana Valente was one of the best students of Lousada without giving up video games

Lousada Secondary School Lousada Schools Group Life is made by goals. By completing one, we advance to the next and so on. After all, it’s because of the effort we put in, the spirit of resilience we adopt and the sacrifices we make that we feel fulfilled with each goal achieved. Whether more or less … Read more

Las Rozas Festivities 2021: MClan, Ana Guerra, Niña Pastori And Viva Sweden Will Be In Concert For San Miguel – News In Las Rozas

September 13, 2021. 14:20 Niña Pastori, Viva Sweden, Ana Guerra and MClan will be the main actions within the party program designed by the City Council on the occasion of San Miguel, patron saint of Las Rozas. All concerts will be held with reduced capacity and in compliance with all current sanitary hygiene protocols. Pastori … Read more

‘Veo Cmo Cantas’ Premieres With A Great ‘Tierra, Trgame’ From Which Only Ana Miln Is Saved

EThe premiere of ‘I see how you sing‘, the new Antena 3’s musical program captained by Manel Fuentes, host of ‘Your face sounds to me’ since 2011, has settled with 30,000 euros for Natalia, the first contestant, by guessing that the fisherman was a singer (flamenco Deni Pea) and not an ‘impostor’, the surprise of … Read more