Synopsis of the Bond of Love Tonight, Andin Fainted in the Car and Reyna Hysterically : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Tonight’s soap opera drama Ikatan Cinta, episode 572, when Andin (Amanda Manopo) was allowed by Aldebaran (Amanda Manopo) to leave, Andin stopped by Uncle Irvan (Oka Antara)’s house. But after that he left with the online taxi he had ordered. Om Irvan had time to ask whether Andin and Aldebaran’s household was okay. … Read more

Tears of Love, Irfan Hugs Andin : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The soap opera Ikatan Cinta episode 463 featured Andin calling Irfan and inviting him to come to his residence. He said he would introduce Irfan to his husband and mother-in-law. It made Irfan happy. He even admitted that he was willing to come to Andin’s residence and meet his husband and in-laws. In … Read more

Synopsis of the Bond of Love October 4, 2021: Andin and Irfan Meet, the Identity of the Terrorist in the Alfahri Family Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Love Bond October 4, 2021 will feature a meeting between Andin and Irfan Pratama. The touching moment is known to have occurred at Papa Surya’s Coffee Shop. On that occasion, Irfan was seen crying after seeing his face Andin who is quite similar to his late brother. Likewise Andin, who was shocked to learn … Read more

So Sweet, Aldebaran Secretly Buys Diamond Earrings for Andin : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 2 October 2021, Andin and Aldebaran’s intimacy from Andin’s 29th birthday celebration party will continue tonight. Wanting to be alone with Andin, Aldebaran pulls Andin away from the crowd at his birthday party. Aldebaran apparently deliberately wanted to be alone with Andin, without being seen by many people because he … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love October 1, 2021: Aldebaran Contacts Terrorists, Andin and Irvan’s Family Background Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Love Bond October 1, 2021, will feature Aldebaran’s hard work, assisted by Angga and Ricky, to find out who the perpetrators of the terror attack on Mama Rosa, Andin, Reyna and Rendy were, were ultimately not in vain. A new figure, a man is shown who has been the mastermind behind the terror acts … Read more

Andin and Mas Al show off their intimacy, happy netizens: Okezone Celebrity

STORY The soap opera Ikatan Cinta has recently been dominated by riots and attacks on the Alfahri family. The fans of the soap opera that aired on RCTI seemed to miss the intimate portrait of Mas Al and Andin. Well, finally on Tuesday’s episode, September 28, the audience was able to see the sweetness of … Read more

Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 22 September 2021: Elsa Depression, Andin and Aldebaran come to visit: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis The Bond of Love September 22, 2021, tonight is getting more exciting. Andin, who was worried and sad to hear about Elsa’s unstable mental health condition, and finally had to be treated at a mental rehabilitation center, decided to visit her sister. Visiting Elsa at the rehabilitation home, Andin was seen accompanied … Read more

Andin and Aldebaran Failed to Make Love Disturbed by Reyna, Netizens Auto Protest : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– The intimacy and romance of Andin (Amanda Manopo) with Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) is one of the most favorite scenes of loyal viewers Love Bond. Always successful in bringing the audience into the atmosphere and getting carried away with feelings, it’s no wonder Andin’s scene with Aldebaran always awaited by the audience at home. Moreover, … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love September 16, 2021: Andin Shock Mama Rosa Knows Her Biological Mother : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond September 16, 2021 seems to be getting more exciting. The reason is that the puzzle about the past enemy of Aldebaran and Roy’s father, Hartawan Alfahri, is not over yet. Now, there are more pieces of the past between the Alfahri family and the family Andin. Never expected, it turns … Read more

Biography and Religion of Amanda Manopo, The Actor Andin in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Amanda Manopo’s Biography and the religion he professes to be one of the most searched articles. Her success in playing the character Andini Kharisma Putri in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, made her name soar to be loved by people in Indonesia. Amanda Manopo born in Jakarta on December 6, 1999. He is the … Read more