Real Madrid angered Qatar, a big battle is ahead for Mbappé!

Zapping Our Mondial TOP 10: The most profitable transfers in history It’s a bit of a calm before the storm. In a few weeks, more exactly from January 1, Kylian Mbappé will be free to choose his new challenge from next summer. On the side of Real Madrid, we are impatiently awaiting the French prodigy … Read more

Government’s “bee order” project angered beekeepers

Bees at the entrance of a beehive. A ROOF FOR THE BEES Following the publication of the 2021 honey harvest figures, which was the worst in recent decades, the beekeeping sector wants to make its voice heard. In a joint press release published Wednesday, October 20, the National Union of French beekeeping (UNAF), the National … Read more

The Untouchables: The Series That Angered The Mafia And Outraged Frank Sinatra Himself

The untouchables: the series that angered the mafia and outraged Frank Sinatra himself Old cars, a raging black and white, the characteristic voice-over and a group of policemen who look “tough to kill”. It was to turn on the Ranser and find a show, one of those reserved for movies or black novels from the … Read more