Nintendo Switch has already sold 25 million consoles in Japan and Animal Crossing New Horizons is its best-selling game

There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch has already earned a place in the video game Hall of Fame. Since its launch in March 2017, the hybrid console has already sold over 107 million units all over the world. Much of this success is due to the US and European markets, but also to … Read more

Animal reintroductions, delicate last-ditch operations

Group of griffon vultures during the quarry, in the Grands Causses, in August 2021. MATHIEU PUJOL FOR “THE WORLD” The vultures, on the Grands Causses, the ibex, in the Alps, the aprons, in the waters of the Drôme and the Ardèche, the beavers, almost everywhere on French territory: many are unaware of this, but these … Read more

They solve the mystery of the identity of the first hybrid animal

They create “sturgeon-paddlefish”, an unexpected hybrid 0:53 (CNN) — Bronze Age bioengineers created the first hybrid animal: a majestic horse-like creature known as a kunga that had a donkey mother, a Syrian wild ass for a father and lived 4,500 years ago, according to new research based on sequencing the DNA from the animal skeleton. … Read more

“It’s pepper spray, oh animal”: GNR soldiers torture immigrants from Odemira for fun

Immigrants assaulted and humiliated by uniformed agents in Odemira who filmed their own acts of violence. Seven GNR soldiers are accused of a total of 33 crimes, the government says one has already been fired. CNN/TVI investigation reveals descriptions and images that are in Justice PUB Warning: This article contains offensive language that may hurt … Read more

Lowcost Cosplay knows how to accentuate InuYasha’s ‘animal side’

The ingenuity of Lowcost Cosplay stands out again with its ‘pussy’ version of InuYasha, which highlights its more ‘animal’ side. InuYasha became one of the most popular manga in the late 1990s, so much so that it earned its own anime series in 2000. Written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi (Takahashi Rumiko), history bridges the … Read more

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise: how to get the Decorative Arts Portal

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, the DLC in which to decorate houses, has a Portal of Decorative Arts (Happy Home Network) where you can go up and visit houses online: this is how it is unlocked. Happy Home Paradise, the paid DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons, proposes to decorate the vacation … Read more

Deputies and senators agree on several measures to fight against animal abuse

In Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), May 19, 2020. VALERY HACHE / AFP Three weeks ago, a deal seemed out of reach. Thursday, October 21, the fourteen members of the joint committee (CMP) who examined the bill to fight against animal abuse, yet voted unanimously, without abstention, a compromise which anchors several advances for animal protection in France: … Read more

Senate examines deeply rewritten animal condition bill

An orca in captivity in the Marineland water park, in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), July 11, 2019. ARIE BOTBOL / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP It is a text widely revised – even, according to some, emptied of its substance – which is discussed in the Senate, Thursday September 30 and Friday 1is October. Eight months after its … Read more

Mold problem on the International Space Station

Too much mold particles in the air were recently discovered in one of the Russian modules of the International Space Station – a segment called Zaria. Zorza). The results of the air composition tests on International Space Station (MKS) disclosed in article entitled Medical aspects of assurance flight safety of the MKS-64 crew (express analysis), … Read more

The luxury brand group Kering puts an end to animal fur in all its collections

A parading model dressed in an Yves Saint Laurent creation, winter collection, on February 27, 2018 in Paris. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP The last two brands of the luxury group Kering to use animal fur, Yves Saint Laurent and Brioni, will abandon them as of the fall 2022 collections, the group announced on Friday September … Read more