this anime beat Squid Game in trending on social network

A few days ago we presented the list of the most popular animes by country for the year 2021, the opportunity for us to see that certain works, considered today as classics of the genre, are and will remain unmistakable monuments for fans. And if you thought that the animes were popular lately, new information … Read more

“Belle”: Reveal First Official Trailer Of Anime Movie That Will Be Released In 2022

Revealed the trailer and a poster for “Belle”, the tenth film by Japanese animator Mamoru Hosoda, who has received an award for the film “The Boy and the Beast.” The new film will be released in theaters in Peru in January 2022. The film stars Suzu, a 17-year-old girl who, after losing her mother, moves … Read more

Elon Musk Reveals What His Favorite Anime Are, And It Must Be Recognized That He Does Not Have Bad Taste

It all started, as is usual with Elon Musk, with an innocent comment half seriously half joking, on Twitter, where it literally said ‘I can’t wait any longer to be on Genshing Impact’. It was a replica of a rumor unleashed on networks by miHoYo, developers of the popular free-to-play, who claimed that they were … Read more

Zack Snyder could direct a Dragon Ball movie after Justice League and Army of the Dead | Series | Anime | nnda nnlt

Zack Snyder has revealed that he is willing to direct a “Dragon Ball Z” movie or another based on a different anime. Snyder is no stranger to the world of adaptation. The prominent filmmaker has shared his take on different properties of comics in the past, and it seems like he wouldn’t mind taking on … Read more

Pa ‘Marathon: 5 Great Anime Movies From Recent Years You Must See

Japanese animation and its respective market are not only raffled when it comes to bringing iconic series to the world … when it comes to making movies, as they say, ‘they paint themselves’. And don’t be done; Even if they are not regular anime consumers, many have seen and enjoyed a Studio Ghibli movie, for … Read more

‘Star Wars: Visions’: The Infinite Potential Of The Franchise, Revealed In Disney + And Anime Code

The multiplicity of styles and visions that ‘Star Wars’ entails has been in the franchise’s DNA from its very beginning. Let’s not forget two key issues: First, the original movie and its early sequels were already a hodgepodge of genres and references., among other things to the space opera, al western, to the samurai cinema … Read more

Reasons Why Shang Chi Is The Live-action Anime We Expected | Tomatazos

There are certain media that Hollywood has not yet figured out how to adapt satisfactorily. The two that always come to mind are video games and anime. In recent times it is becoming clear to me that with them, Hollywood is more successful if it only takes them as inspiration than if it tries to … Read more

10 Intense Space Battle Anime That Give Star Wars A Run For Its Money

Anime space battles are limited only by imagination and budgets, unlike their live-action counterparts. But, with so many options, the focus sometimes shifts from awesome space tech and intergalactic skirmishes to other things—even space comedy. RELATED: 10 Great Treasure Hunt Anime (That Are Not One Piece) These anime add a story with a dramatic arc and … Read more