Ashwagandha – a real treasure of Ayurvedic medicine – Anna Lewandowska

Ashwagandha is included in the group of substances called substances that are gaining more and more popularity adaptogenami. Why are adaptogens so popular lately? According to the professional literature, these are plant substances that can have a beneficial effect on the body, primarily by supporting the nervous system, and thus increasing the body’s resistance to … Read more

The 3 Steps To Summer Challenge – 1st Week Menu – Anna Lewandowska

How are your preparations for the May challenge Three Steps To Summer? Hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am! May is a beautiful month when nature fully comes to life, and with it – our energy to act. We are already starting on Sunday! 🙂 Time for action What have … Read more

Overtraining – Anna Lewandowska – healthy plan by Ann

It is commonly said that sport is good for health. It is impossible to disagree with it, however … It is important to balance physical activity with recovery and rest to maintain both physical and mental health. Today I would like to touch on an important topic, which is overtraining. What is it, how it … Read more

The 3 Steps To Summer Challenge – Week 2 menu – Anna Lewandowska

Number of people taking part in the challenge Three Steps To Summer exceeded my expectations! The first week with a diet is behind us SMART and new functionality in the application Diet & Training by Ann (HERE), i.e. Intermittent Fasting (IF), which, just like me, many and many of you have already loved. If you … Read more

The 3 Steps to Summer challenge – third step: skincare – Anna Lewandowska

Hope you’ve already got to know our new challenge – Three Steps to Summer! Thanks to it, we will prepare for summer and take care of ourselves, not only in the context of the figure. I have prepared three elements for you, i.e. the title steps that will allow us to take care of our … Read more

The 3 Steps To Summer Challenge – Week 3 Menu – Anna Lewandowska

Time flies fast! Second week of the challenge Three Steps To Summer with the classic diet at level 1: A Good Start is coming to an end. How’s it going? Let me remind you that the second step of the challenge is diet and 3 main rules: white sugar detox; resignation from fast food, colorful … Read more

Winter physical activity – Anna Lewandowska

Winter is a season of the year that not everyone associates with physical activity. During this period, some people stop practicing sports, not only outdoors. Why is this happening? Low temperature, snow, rain, short days, low energy …? We prefer to spend the evening under a blanket with warm tea, a book or a movie. … Read more