Is SpaceX the Answer to ‘Extinction’? Elon Musk Discuss Multiplanetary Life and Sun’s Expansion

The top billionaire and multi-tech CEO Elon Musk believes that all species will go extinct in the future, including humans, and everyone can avoid this if they make life multi-planetary. SpaceX is in the center of them all, especially with the impending doom of the Sun’s expansion that will cause said extinction, bringing different species … Read more

Can lovesickness last forever? This is Jake Gyllenhaal’s red answer to Taylor Swift

Leni Huebner | 01/13/2022, 8:00 p.m. Jake Gyllenhaal: Now he’s messing with Taylor Swift? Foto: IMAGO/ UPI Photo Once they were a happy couple, now Taylor Swift shoots Jake Gyllenhaal again and again. But now the Hollywood star no longer seems to want to stay calm. The Swifites, as the hardcore fans of Taylor Swift … Read more

Did Venus Own Active Volcanoes? A New Methodology Can Help The Answer!!!

Of all the planets in the solar system, Venus has the most volcanoes. Much of the planet is covered by volcanic deposits less than 300 million years old, and volcanic activity played a key role in its history. While the precise timeline of Venus’ volcanic past is still under debate and some data suggest the … Read more

Unexpected! This is Rizky Billar’s answer when Lesti Kejora gave birth to a premature baby: Okezone Celebrity

READY Kejora gave birth to her baby prematurely because there were problems in her pregnancy. Rizky Billar responded directly to the problems experienced by his wife. Even though the dancer is scheduled to give birth in early February 2022. Letsi is having problems getting pregnant so she is thirsty to give birth to her baby … Read more

Adele, Taylor Swift… Why do we love listening to sad songs so much? Science has the answer

Listening to sad music makes us feel better, according to several scientific and mental health studies. CContrary to what one might think, listening to sad music does not make us worse than what we already are – even if we tend to consume excessively during a bad time, such as after a breakup . According … Read more

Olivia Nathania’s child is looking for her mother, Nia Daniaty: I’m confused about what to answer : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Olivia Nathania not only miss the mother figure, Nia Daniaty but also the child when he was taught. Through her attorney, Susanti Agustina explained that Olivia’s child is now starting to look for and inquire about her mother’s whereabouts. “Oi always told me that the one who was the most burdened was his son, … Read more

“I don’t want to see you anymore.” Her answer displaces everyone

Nicola Pisu, the last eliminated by Gf Vip, appears more resolute from the Cinecittà studio. His exit probably determined by the nomination of Miriana Trevisan, the woman with whom Patrizia Mirigliani’s son had fallen in love, had knocked him out. But outside the house he got to see things in a more detached way and … Read more

Belen, Antonino Spinalbese confirms the crisis? His answer (about the children) is a detective story

The rumors of a break between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese they become more and more insistent. From inseparable boyfriends, to super parents in July of little Luna Marì, now the two boys are no longer seen together. The parents of Santiago’s little sister appear distant and in crisis. No confirmation comes from those directly … Read more

Valerie Thomas asks about when she loses her virginity, this is Anya Geraldine’s answer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Valerie Thomas and Anya Geraldine chance to play truth or dare. They will take turns taking cards containing questions or challenges posed to their opponents. However, if one of Anya or Valerie who doesn’t want to answer or do the challenge, they are required to drink the alcoholic beverage that has been provided. READ … Read more

Wika Salim Reveals Relationship with Ariel NOAH, Surprising Answer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wika Salim recently revealed about his status with Ariel Noah. As we know, Ariel Noah is often reported to be close to a number of women after his relationship with the beautiful artist Sophia Latjuba ran aground. Even recently, the vocalist of the Noah music group is reported to be close to soap … Read more