The SMS to Socrates that fell on deaf ears

Pedro Araújo Yesterday at 21:56 Teixeira dos Santos, former finance minister, went down in history for having precipitated the request for foreign aid in 2011 by publicly reporting the country’s true financial situation. In a book that will be released this month, he says that the prime minister cut ties with him, but was forced … Read more

Legislative. Costa and Rio measure forces in debate

The debate between the PS and PSD leaders will be broadcast by the three generalist television stations. It has an estimated duration of 75 minutes and will be moderated by João Adelino Faria, from RTP, Clara de Sousa, from SIC, and Sara Pinto, from TVI.RTP publishes at 1 pm a poll with voting intentions for … Read more

“The war is not over yet.” Christmas message from the PM with thanks and alerts about the pandemic

“This is the second Christmas we have lived in a pandemic. Another Christmas that we have to live carefully, because the best gift we can give to any of our family and friends is to protect their health”, the head of Government began by saying. Recalling that, “in these nearly two years of pandemic, we … Read more

Costa has the advantage, but Rio is also growing

António Costa leaves with an advantage over Rui Rio for the January 30 legislatives. According to an Aximage poll for the DN, JN and TSF, the Portuguese consider that the socialist is more competent, supportive and influential. And that will make, therefore, a better prime minister. But there are also positive signs for the Social … Read more

Costa admits that the PS defeat at the Autárquicas has a national explanation

The secretary general of the PS admitted this Saturday that there were national causes in some defeats and situations of loss of votes for his party in the last local elections, asking for internal reflection and attention to the voice of citizens. This analysis of the results of the September 26 elections was made by … Read more

State will pay the wages of workers who want to study

© Adelino Meireles/Global Images ByTSF July 30, 2021 • 7:58 AM The State will pay the wages of workers who want to study. The news is advanced, this Friday, by the Expresso newspaper, which reveals that this license for workers interested in improving skills will have zero cost for companies and will be financed by … Read more

Survey. Large majority of Portuguese wants government reshuffle

Since May, the Portuguese are even more demanding a remodeling of the Government. In total, 71 percent of respondents believe that Prime Minister António Costa should replace some of the members of the executive. In May, it was 51 percent of respondents pointing to this need to make changes in the Government. If in May … Read more

81% ask for refurbishment, with Cabrita at the top of the list

Rafael Barbosa Yesterday at 09:00 Among those who advocate a change in government ministers, the majority wants it to happen even before the next municipal elections. Minister of Home Affairs is appointed to leave by 78% of respondents. There will be no remodeling in the Government, said António Costa two weeks ago. It is at … Read more