Dispute over Kavala escalates: Erdogan: German ambassador undesirable person

Saturday 23 October 2021 Dispute over Kavala escalates Erdogan: German ambassador undesirable person At the beginning of the week, several ambassadors in Turkey, including the representative of Germany, protested against the detention of the cultural sponsor Kavala. President Erdogan sees this as a provocation. Now he declares the Germans as well as several other diplomats … Read more

The Scriptwriter Of Soy Leyenda Had To Clarify That The Film Is Fiction Due To An Absurd Argument Of The Anti-vaccines – La Tercera

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the whole movie or just remember its saddest moments, but probably if you’ve ever heard of it in your life. I’m legend they are clear that the film starring Will Smith is a work of fiction. However, although it seems absurd to emphasize that that 2007 production is … Read more