The Dragon Ball Secret Files – A unique article in the series published in the 90’s

Did you know that on Fridays, every 15 days, we publish a special video of Dragon Ball? We focus on all kinds of topics, from denying fakes or dealing with some breaking news to the sample of unboxings or material that is very rare to see. And what about us today? Something that will surprise … Read more

Lily Engages Aernnova to Des

MUNICH, Germany, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lilium N.V. ( LILM) (“Lilium”), developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet, has selected Aernnova, a leading aerospace component manufacturer, to collaborate on the Lilium Jet’s propulsion mounting system. A propulsion mounting system or “flap”, the structure that forms the rear part of … Read more

The article on Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière in “Le Point” withdrawn

JOEL SAGET via AFPRaquel Garrido and Alexis Corbiere MEDIA – This is called a coaster. After publishing an article on Wednesday accusing Rachel Garrido and Alexis Corbière of mistreating an undocumented domestic worker, the weekly Point backtracked this Thursday, June 23. In a message posted on Twitter, the director of publication Étienne Gernelle apologized to … Read more

Porn, ass and vaccination: 10 + 1 most read article of 2021

Koronáč he stayed with us, so there was no choice but to get used to him and adapt to him. And the musicians have adapted. When it was possible, they gave concerts, and when it didn’t work, they at least gave interviews. Among the most read articles on the music server this year, several pieces … Read more

Scary article from comedian Derrion ‘Dmuney’ Childs’ on death a week before he was killed after Young Dolph death jokes

A scary comedian’s death story he published just a week before his death has come to light. Police have confirmed that 21-year-old Derrion “Dmuney” Childs died in Memphis, Tennessee on November 23 after responding to a shooting. Dmuney was killed after making jokes about Young Dolph’s death The rapper died on November 17Crédit : Getty … Read more

Science & Technology Article Explains Why Astronauts Are Vulnerable to Depression

BEIJING, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Space travel and exploration is bound to become more common in the future, and astronauts will most certainly have to spend more time in space during missions. By now, it is well established that prolonged exposure to the harsh conditions of space environments is harmful to the mind and body. … Read more

Gear Review: Martin Space Uke

The noted American acoustic instrument manufacturer C.F. Martin & Co. recently announced a handcrafted and one-of-a-kind soprano ukulele specifically to join the Inspiration4 crew for their upcoming Space X mission. Martin’s space-bound ukulele will be strummed by astronaut Chris Sembroski during the mission, clearly a first for space travel, then, signed by the crew and … Read more

The agencies excluded from the refreshment points respond to the Claudi article

Max Falbo direction Want to fly travel and Coordination “businesses Excluded from the August 2020 catering” Regarding the Claudi article: this is not the case, agencies in good standing are discriminated against, we received a letter from Max Falbo of the Coordination “Companies Excluded from Restaurants August 2020”, which disputes the conclusions reached by Caterina … Read more

nearly 3,000 demonstrators this Saturday in the streets against the health pass

Events follow-up: 4:50 p.m .: Never sell too early the skin of an anti-health pass demonstration. Clashes were reported at Place des Terreaux (see video below). 16h20 : Place des Terreaux, which the demonstrators wanted to join, there are not many people either. The dispute seems to be over for this Saturday. 16h15 : The … Read more