Ashanty’s Confession Was Rocked by Earthquake during Quarantine in Hospital: I was so scared, I screamed at the nurse : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Ashanty admitted that he was afraid when he felt an earthquake centered in Banten with a magnitude of 6.7, on Friday, January 14, 2022. Moreover, he was currently undergoing quarantine at one of the hospitals in the Bintaro area, which is part of the Banten Province. “Oh my God, so that was the earthquake, … Read more

You know, Ashanty’s nephew Millen Cyrus is pregnant? : Okezone Celebrity

MILLEN Cyrus alias Millendaru posted a photo of the results of an ultrasound conducted at a hospital in the Serpong area, Tangerang. Oh, she’s pregnant? In the upload, you can see her name on the left, Mrs. Millen Cyrus, while on the right the date when he did the ultrasound, which is December 6, 2021. … Read more

Ashanty’s message to Azriel and Arsya: Be a Responsible Man : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ashanty also spoke about the death of Novia Widyasari Rahayu who committed suicide after being raped by her lover. Through his upload on Instagram, Anang Hermansyah’s wife left a message for her two sons: Azriel and Arsya. “For you Azriel and Arsya Hermansyah, our children. Our men will be the nation’s successors. Be … Read more

Take a peek at Ashanty’s 5 Wealth Sources, Proven Anang Tajir’s Wife Twisted! : Okezone Celebrity

ASHANTY always synonymous with life full of luxury from many things. After marrying Anang Hermansyah, Ashanty is not only busy with his activities as a singer. He is also now a businessman who built his business empire with his family. Ashanty has been doing various businesses until recently he and Anang will build 30 villa … Read more