“The Witcher”, Season 2: Squid Game in the fairytale forest

We remind us: Christmas 2019, when the world was still all right, Netflix’s drinkable noble trash series “The Witcher” stopped the internet for a brief moment. In the first four weeks, while the news from Wuhan of an invisible monstrous enemy grew louder, almost 80 million people watched the so-called witcher Geralt of Rivia beat … Read more

Culture from the Far East: Why is South Korea’s culture so popular in the West right now?

Whether fashion, music or film: South Korean culture is becoming more and more popular in the West. Series like “Squid Game” or bands like BTS inspire an audience of millions. Why is that only? Nine years ago, in mid-July 2012, a slightly overweight man with a black gel mat and sunglasses published a song on … Read more

“The fuel crisis in Asia adds to the long list of grains of sand which seize the world trade machine”

Trucks equipped with drilling rigs, in Bangalore (southern India), February 16, 2021. MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP AA tense atmosphere on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and Chittagong, the country’s largest port. The drivers switched off the ignition and got out of the truck. The main national union called a general strike on … Read more

Asia Argento launched the melancholic song “Friday” in Roman dialect.

Asia Argento returns to music and does so by launching the new single Friday. Friday, available in digital download and streaming, was written by Eugenia of Naples. Music by Holly e Luca D’Aversa. Production of Holly. Voice of Asia Argento e Luca D’Aversa. The song is distributed by Ammonia Records in Italy, France and Switzerland … Read more

In Taiwan, the Truku aborigines fight against the cement maker Asia Cement

The Hsin-cheng quarry (Taiwan), operated by Asia Cement. CITIZEN OF THE EARTH TAIWAN It is a whole section of mountain that has been leveled for half a century. We had to dig with explosives, deforest. Then day after day, backhoes and trucks transported the granite to the factories below, which turned it into cement. The … Read more

Finnair focuses on the North Atlantic, pending the reopening of Asian markets

Finnair, awaiting a significant reopening of the Asian markets, focuses on the North Atlantic. “Our network is definitely oriented towards the long haul and towards Asia – declared the CEO of the Finndese airline. Manner Hat, in an interview with Routes -. We all know that travel restrictions in Asia are being lifted more slowly … Read more

If it is true that North Korea tested a hypersonic missile, it would change the equation in Asia

North Korea defends its right to develop weapons 1:49 Hong Kong (CNN) — The hypersonic missile that North Korea claims to have tested on Tuesday has the potential to be one of the world’s fastest and most accurate weapons, and could be equipped with a nuclear warhead, experts say. While the exact specifications of North … Read more

Asia Argento launches a new single with the participation of Dj Gruff

Asia Argento back to music… go out Friday 17 September per Ammonia Records the single I’m broken. Artist known for his rebellious soul, for his ability to break down artistic boundaries, from music to entertainment, breaking the limits in favor of a personal and free expression (as well as for his troubled history with Morgan … Read more

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America Airborne Weapon Delivery Systems Market Bring Huge Qualitative and Quantitative Data of Industry Drivers

130 Pages The Coherent Market Insights report study conveys a basic evaluation of the Airborne Weapon Delivery Systems Market to assist organizations with understanding the dangers and difficulties they face. The report is showing the advancement system of territorial and worldwide development chances of businesses to further develop proficiency during the pandemic time frame. The … Read more

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Market Offer Best Outcomes of Business Drivers for Top Competitors

The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Market report is searching for promising circumstances in the rising interest of top central members which empower organizations to secure delicate data. The report distinguishes top nations and fragments for promising circumstances and systems dependent on broad correspondence gear Market patterns and driving contenders’ methodologies. The report centers around the … Read more