My three year old daughter falls asleep very late! Tips and tricks to help you fall asleep

“My daughter has trouble falling asleep”, “my four-year-old child falls asleep very late”, “my son can only fall asleep with me, and not before 10-11 pm”… A child who sleeping late, getting up 50 times a night, calling their parents 20-30-60 times (yes, yes 😉), it can be exhausting. And the more we are tired, … Read more

″Wouldn’t fall asleep at break

James and Pinto da Costa Ana Luísa Magalhães 26 July 2021 at 22:32 Topics In a new episode of the series “Ironias do Destino”, on Porto Canal, Pinto da Costa recalls 2012, talking about the option for Vítor Pereira – following the departure of Villas-Boas – and highlighting a Benfica-FC Porto Vítor Pereira succeeds André … Read more