COVID FIGURES. Assessment of Covid-19 in France, Wednesday January 19, 2021

COVID-19 FRANCE. The bar of 400,000 cases of Covid in 24 hours has again been crossed in France according to the results of this Wednesday, January 19. What still doubt the long-awaited peak since the beginning of the year… Summary The coronavirus epidemic is still progressing 436,167 additional cases in the report unveiled by the … Read more

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Consumption Market 2022 – Strategic Assessment by Leading Keyplayers

New Jersey, United States,- Market Research Intellect has been analyzing technology and markets for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Consumption since 2018. Since then, through Research Analysis of companies, we have been very close to the latest research and market development. In addition, Market Research Intellect works closely with many customers to help them better understand … Read more

“Benefit-Risk Assessment Favors Vaccination” of Children

“The General Directorate of Health received, on December 5, from the Technical Commission on Vaccination against covid-19 (CTVC), the technical position on vaccination” in children from five to 11 years, begins by clarifying the entity in a statement . From this technical position, “which results from international studies and from the consultation of other scientific … Read more

Opportunities, Key Factors and Challenges Assessment – Web Influencers The Investigation Report of Remote Control Products Market – Hobby is compelling research that provides industry-wide details on current and potential growth conditions, end-user research, and other vital information that has been researched and validated by seasoned industry professionals. On top of that, the investigation assesses the regional and global markets to determine the … Read more

The difficult assessment of the fall 2020 recovery plan

Emmanuel Macron during his presentation of the “France 2030” plan at the Elysée Palace on October 12, 2021. JEAN-CLAUDE COUTAUSSE FOR “THE WORLD” With a total envelope of 100 billion euros, the executive undoubtedly hoped to be able to derive political benefit from the gigantic stimulus plan announced at the end of 2020. And for … Read more

NASA Honors Stardog for Artemis Flight Software Assessment App |

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) technology platform provider, today announced that a joint NASA and Stardog team was presented the 2021 Ames Honor Award. The acknowledgement was given to Stardog and the collective team for being a critical enabler to the development of “Concourse”, an innovative … Read more

Environmental Assessment Draft for Starship Orbital Launches Published

Environmental Assessment Draft for Starship Orbital Launches Published Thursday, September 23, 2021 11:12 PM (edit) Two Starship rocket stages connected to each other for the first time (Source: SpaceX) Two Starship rocket stages connected to each other for the first time (Source: SpaceX) On September 17, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a draft Environmental … Read more

When is the approval for orbital flights with Starbase? Environmental assessment is ongoing

On Friday, September 17 this year. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a draft document called the Program Environmental Impact Assessment, including preliminary conclusions from the analysis conducted in terms of the environmental impact of launches from SpaceX in Texas. For the next month from the moment of publication (until October 18), these results will be … Read more

Latest updates, Technological assessment, forecast for 2030 – Sportlepsia

The global market research document of Remote control products – Hobby 2021 of MarketResearch.Biz features an in-depth assessment of geographic scope, market size, great company information, great analysis, and market revenue estimates to 2030. The Remote Control Products – Hobby Market document is made up of so many essential matters that may be relevant to … Read more

Biden administration’s assessment of critical infrastructure protection • The Register

The Biden administration has issued a National Security Memorandum on Improving Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems to address what it describes as a “woefully insufficient” security posture. The Memorandum was accompanied by transcripts of remarks made by a “Senior administration official” who said the edicts are needed because “We have a patchwork of sector-specific … Read more