In America They Assure That They Are To Death With Renato Ibarra: “We Are Together For Whatever”

In America there is a good atmosphere and that is how the team’s players make it feel when supporting the Ecuadorian Renato Ibarra Fernando Madrigal, a soccer player for America, expressed that within the Azulcrema squad they support all the players to the death, just as they did with Renato Ibarra on his return to … Read more

The New ‘Predator’ Will Explore The First Visit Of A Predator To Earth, And Its Producers Assure That It Will Resemble ‘The Revenant’

Even if he received a savage amount of clubs, to a certain extent, understandable – admittedly, it is a very his title – the ‘Predator’ of Shane Black I found it a real joy despite its specific defects. His return to that eighties action full of comedy and self-awareness managed to fully regain my interest … Read more

The Producer Of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ And Michael C. Hall Assure That What Is Coming Is Not Season 9

[Alerta de spoiler: este artículo contiene spoilers del final de la serie de Dexter.] Michael C. Hall and the producers Clyde Phillips y Scott Reynolds were at a San Diego Comic-Con panel to discuss what’s coming in Dexter: New Blood, along with the new cast member Julia Jones. The trio explained why New Blood is … Read more

They assure that Vicente Fernández was hospitalized and the alarms are turned on

Vicente Fernández would have been hospitalized, as confirmed by several Mexican entertainment sites. According to reports, the 81-year-old Mexican singer, businessman, record producer and actor had a bad night with many body aches and was admitted to a hospital this Wednesday. Apparently Alejandro Fernández’s father had entered a private clinic in the city of Guadalajara … Read more

PSG Has The Dressing Room ‘divided’ By The Possible Arrivals Of Ramos And Donnarumma, They Assure In France

In silence and away from the spotlight, the Paris Saint-Germain He has been taking important steps behind the scenes to get reinforcements in Europe, and especially in those well-known ‘market opportunities’: players who are at the end of their contract and can reach the roster without big numbers. If you want to receive alerts from … Read more

Après l’incident sur un réacteur nucléaire EPR en Chine, EDF assure que les rejets dans l’air sont normaux

Centrale nucléaire de Taishan dans la province du Guangdong, le 8 décembre 2013. PARCS PETER / AFP La centrale nucléaire de Taishan (Guangdong), composée de deux réacteurs nucléaires de type EPR et construite avec Électricité de France (EDF) dans le sud de la Chine, est sous surveillance pour un problème de fuite au cœur d’un … Read more

Il aime le reggaeton et assure que les Ramones sont plus pop que punk

« Blondie est un groupe ! » (“Blondie est un groupe!”). La précision, curieusement, est toujours aussi légale aujourd’hui que dans la seconde moitié des années 70, et tient à la présence exceptionnelle des cheveux oxygénés de Debbie Harry devant un groupe phare de la scène punk New-Yorkais qui avait le club CBGB comme centre névralgique. Et au … Read more

l’équipe de France assure contre la Bulgarie pour son dernier match amical

Olivier Giroud, June 8 at the Stade de France. FRANCK FIFE / AFP Deux victoires en deux matches de préparation pour l’équipe de France avant de débuter l’Euro. Après avoir dominé le Pays de Galles (3-0), les Bleus ont récidivé en s’imposant à nouveau 3-0 contre la Bulgarie, mardi 8 juin, au Stade de France. … Read more