Spaceship for Venus, satellite to study asteroid Apophis: Europe announces 11 new missions

The European Space Agency on Thursday announced 11 new ideas to go deeper into space from the atmosphere of Venus to the surface of Mars. The ideas have been selected from over 200 submissions to include innovative concepts to explore the region beyond Earth. The agency said that the 11 activities cover an exciting range … Read more

Stargazer in Italy spots NASA’s DART asteroid impact probe in night sky after launch

An Italian telescope captured NASA’s asteroid-smashing mission shortly after its launch into space this week. A new image and video, taken by the Elena telescope located in Ceccano, Italy, shows NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, also known as DART, separated from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket which launched the spacecraft from … Read more

Michael Bay: Armageddon Predicted NASA Asteroid Mission

Bay made the comparison after NASA launched a 1,200-pound spacecraft to attempt to destroy a small asteroid. ©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection Michael Bay’s 1998 “Armageddon” may have been a critical flop, but the space disaster movie has proven to be prescient as far as astronomy is concerned. Director Bay took to social media this … Read more

NASA mission launch towards the asteroid. An outer space threat defense test

The start took place on November 23 this year. at 22:21 local time (7:21 in Poland, CEST), from the SLC-4E launch stand at the US Space Force Vanderberg base. The carrier rocket was the two-stage Falcon 9 by SpaceX. The payload of the mission was an unusual piece of equipment – the DART, which is … Read more

what you need to know about the DART mission, whose objective is to deflect an asteroid

The experience is inevitably reminiscent of the movies Armageddon Where Deep Impact, released in 1998. In these feature films, the Earth is threatened by a large asteroid and comet. The collision would be synonymous with cataclysm or even the end of humanity. To avoid the worst, men and women then try to detonate these celestial … Read more

SpaceX Rocket To Launch NASA Spacecraft From Vandenberg That Will Eventually Slam Into Asteroid – KCAL9 and CBS2 News, Sports, and Weather

Moorpark College Breaks Ground On $3.5 Million Bengal Tiger Habitat ExpansionThe two Bengal tigers who live at Moorpark College are getting a new, $3.5 million habitat. Katie Johnston reports. 2 hours ago Ports Of LA, Long Beach Delay Fines Again For Idling CargoThe ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach announced Monday that they are … Read more

NASA wants to smash a spacecraft into an asteroid, but don’t worry. Earth isn’t at risk.

Later this month, NASA will launch a mission to smack an asteroid into a new orbit to prepare for the possibility that an asteroid in the future might threaten Earth. But don’t worry, experts agree that there is no possibility that (even if it goes awry) this asteroid-smashing could threaten Earth. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection … Read more

SpaceX schedules next Starlink launch, fires up rocket for asteroid redirect mission

Update: SpaceX has successfully static fired the Falcon 9 tasked with launching DART. The rocket will now roll back to SLC-4’s integration hangar for payload installation before rolling out to the pad a second time. NASA will intentionally crash the DART spacecraft into an asteroid to see if that is an effective way to change … Read more

Near Earth Asteroid Could Be Lost Piece of Moon

A near-Earth asteroid called Kamo’oalewa could be a fragment of our moon, according to an article published in Communications Earth and Environment by a team of astronomers led by the University of Arizona. Kamo’oalewa is a quasi-satellite – a subcategory of near-Earth asteroids that orbit the Sun but remain relatively close to Earth. Little is … Read more

NASA Awards $15M for Asteroid Hunting Telescopes on Maui

Pan-STARRS1 and Pan-STARRS2 telescopes on Haleakalā. PC: University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy (IfA). The University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy received a $15 million NASA grant to continue its world-leading efforts to discover Near-Earth Objects and Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. IfA’s Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) atop Haleakalā currently finds nearly as many NEOs and … Read more