On the Atlantic coast, a mysterious proliferation of octopus

Octopuses in a fisherman’s tank in the port of Keroman, in Brest (Finistère), September 27, 2021. FRANCOIS DESTOC / PHOTOPQR / MAXPPP Octopus, lots of octopus. Appearing suddenly at the beginning of summer, they took their ease in the coastal waters of the Atlantic and the Iroise Sea, and grew at an impressive rate. The … Read more

Branson to land fresh £400m funding injection for pandemic-hit Virgin Atlantic Airways | Business News

Virgin Atlantic Airways is drawing up plans for a fresh £400m funding injection as prospects fade for an initial public offering (IPO) of Sir Richard Branson’s flagship company. Sky News has learnt that the transatlantic carrier is in talks with its shareholders and other financial stakeholders about raising additional capital to see it through the … Read more

Air France is upgrading capacity over the North Atlantic, but the competition will be tough

Air France invests in reopening the United States to all vaccinated travelers and is counting on a rapid and significant increase in traffic to the destination, “hoping that the peak of the crisis caused by Covid-19 has passed – underlines the CEO Anne Rigail, in a statement issued to theAfp – Agence France Press -. … Read more

SpaceX: Triumph for Elon Musk – Falcon 9 sends four people into space

business SpaceX Triumph for Elon Musk – His Falcon 9 sends four people into space Published on 11/16/2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes “The Russians had the monopoly, the pressure on NASA was enormous” The launch of the manned SpaceX rocket to the “International Space Station” has been successful. Astronaut Professor Ulrich Walter explains what … Read more

Finnair focuses on the North Atlantic, pending the reopening of Asian markets

Finnair, awaiting a significant reopening of the Asian markets, focuses on the North Atlantic. “Our network is definitely oriented towards the long haul and towards Asia – declared the CEO of the Finndese airline. Manner Hat, in an interview with Routes -. We all know that travel restrictions in Asia are being lifted more slowly … Read more

Puma Exploration Identifies More High-Grade Gold Veins With up to 199 G/T* Au From Surface Sampling on Its Williams Brook Gold Property, Atlantic Canada

Figure 1. New Selected Grab Samples Collected Along the OGT Between the Lynx and Chubby New Selected Grab Samples Collected Along the OGT Between the Lynx and Chubby New Selected Grab Samples Collected Along the OGT Between the Lynx and Chubby Figure 2. Current Work-in-Progress at O’Neil Gold Trend Current Work-in-Progress at O’Neil Gold Trend … Read more

US Immigration Rules: The Curious Ending of Trump’s Ordinance 9993

Mor more than 540 days was a prescription9993 in force. And it caused a lot of dramas. British tennis player Emma Raducanu made it to the final of the US Open, but her parents were not allowed to watch. British actress Megan Prescott was initially unable to visit her sister, who was hit by a … Read more

SpaceX Inspiration4 mission splashes down in first Atlantic Ocean landing

Homeward bound. Inspiration4 Best three-day “weekend” ever? That may be the question SpaceX’s four civilian astronauts are putting to themselves after successfully returning to Earth on Saturday. The crew of the historic Inspiration4 mission splashed down off the Florida coast at about 7 p.m. local time, after having orbited the globe many times since Thursday. … Read more

Inspiration4 crew of ‘non-astronauts’ splashes down in Atlantic Ocean off Florida

From liftoff to landing. Days after four “non-astronauts” made history by launching into space, the SpaceX Inspiration4 crew landed Saturday night. The crew included tech billionaire Jared Isaacman, who served as mission commander; Hayley Arceneaux, a health care worker and cancer survivor; Dr. Sian Proctor, the fourth Black female astronaut; and Chris Sembroski, a data … Read more