Aris Idol Guitar Auctions Rp13 Million for Living Costs

ARIS Idol or Aris Runtuwene auctions his guitar to make a living during the pandemic. He had asked for help from Indonesian musicians, but instead received a response or was ignored. Aris Idol opened the auction price for the guitar from Rp. 13 million. The guitar he uses has accompanied him since he was a … Read more

Be Careful, Collectors! Tom Hanks Auctions His Airstream Caravan: His Home While Filming ‘Forrest Gump’ And Almost 20 Films

Now what caravaning fever is so in vogue, this summer presents a unique opportunity, as the caravana Airstream personal of Tom Hanks, which has been used in filming for almost 30 years. Yes, the one that was his house on wheels while he played Forrest Gump as well as characters from 18 other movies. The … Read more

Tom Hanks Auctions The Caravan That Has Accompanied Him In His Films Since 1993 – Motor Journalism

Be a star of Hollywood It should not be an easy job. At least that’s what the actors say as they rake in thousands and thousands of dollars. What is true is that during filming they spend many hours, often with long waits on sets or in rolling dressing rooms that are not anything to … Read more

David Gilmour auctions his guitars and raises $ 21 million to combat climate change

Chimerical guitarist and now protector of the half circle, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd believes that climate change is the veteran challenge facing humanity. His incredible solos and profound literature have inspired and delighted thousands of people of different generations. The lead guitarist of the monumental British gang Pink Floyd knows that music can help … Read more