A record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August | Univision Money News

The number of people who quit their jobs during the month of August skyrocketed to record levels, increasing the difficulties of American employers to fill vacancies. Many of the workers have made that decision driven by a combination of factors including a increased opportunities outside of your current job, combined with better wages. According to … Read more

Newspaper piracy leads to losses of 3.5 million euros (in August)

In recent years the “piracy” of newspapers and magazines has intensified. In practice, this type of content is illegally shared on social networks, with the main focus on WhatsApp and Telegram. The analysis was made by Visapress, which guaranteed to be “committed” to the fight against the illegal sharing of newspapers and magazines, remembering that … Read more

What if, on August 30, 1954, France had voted for the European Defense Community?

QUENTIN FALCOMPRESSED The Hemicycle is crowded, feverish, as in the greatest days. Almost all the deputies are there, even Edouard Herriot, old radical leader and great political tenor of the IIIe Republic, who, torn from his sick room, came in a wheelchair to claim that “The European Community is the end of France! “. FACTS … Read more

in the West Indies, an “honorable” month of July and a “catastrophic” August

An empty street with its stores closed, in Fort-de-France, during the fourth confinement in Martinique, August 11, 2021. LIONEL CHAMOISEAU / AFP Six weeks after entering a state of health emergency and a month after the start of confinement, tourism professionals in Guadeloupe and Martinique are in awe, as the summer vacation period comes to … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love August 31, 2021: Elsa Threatens Andin, Mama Rossa is Almost Accident! : Okezone Celebrity

NINO had visited Elsa imprisoned to reveal that this was his last meeting with his wife. Elsa was furious and threatened Andin after Nino’s arrival. Nino tells Elsa that Reyna is her son. Elsa is angry with Andin for revealing this fact to Nino. After Nino left prison, Elsa immediately called the wife of Aldebaran. … Read more

Wall Street stalls at the end of a buoyant August

WALL STREET STALLS AT THE END OF A MAJOR MONTH OF AUGUST PARIS (Reuters) – The New York Stock Exchange ended a hesitant session slightly lower on Tuesday but it remains close to its recent records and posts a positive result for August, the seventh consecutive month of increase for the flagship Standard & Poor’s … Read more

Thirteen Concerts With More Than 10,000 People Close A Very Musical August

The voice19:29 • 30 ago. 2021 Since the pandemic began, the Culture Area of ​​the Almería City Council has worked to make cultural activities compatible with hygienic-sanitary safety measures, in order to provide the benefits of culture to the people of Almería and help this important business sector from the city. As assessed by Culture … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love August 30, 2021: Competing with Nino, Mas Al Sure Wins Reyna’s Trial: Okezone Celebrity

NINO must accept the fate of being blind after the Reyna incident at Angga-Michie’s wedding. Nino already knew that Reyna was his biological child. The bandage on Nino’s eye was finally removed. However, after that Nino was unable to see clearly as before. This made his heart very disappointed and afraid to go blind. Also … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love August 30, 2021: Now Blind, Nino Considers Karma for Abandoning Reyna : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond August 30, 2021 will continue the story of Nino (Evan Sanders) who has awakened from a coma. It is known that he had previously been critical for saving Reyna’s life from the fall of a lamp set at the wedding of Angga (Kevin Hillers) and Michi (Mayan Yudittia). Unfortunately, now … Read more