Volonclik leads Volonline’s performances. Average mark-up of 27% on advertising practices

Luca Adami The tourist distribution market rewards the efficiency and competitiveness of Volonclick, a booking tool operated by Volonline, which allows you to book single services, special departures and dynamic flight + hotel packages, even multi-stage: after a summer characterized by growth rates of 30/40% compared to 2019 data, autumn confirmed the same trend and, … Read more

Ghostbusters Beyond has a worse average score on Rotten Tomatoes than the 2016 movie

Ghostbusters Beyond, a sequel to the original films, divides critics and scores a lower grade than Paul Feig and Melyssa McCarthy’s controversial 2016 reboot. The Ghostbusters They’re back in Ghostbusters Beyond, a new reboot-sequel to the franchise directed by Jason Reitman, director of Juno and Up in the Air, and son of Ivan Reitman, director … Read more

tourism industry recovering by 34.9% by the end of the year, better than the European average

Positive trend for the tourism industry in France which, according to the data emerging from a recent Wttc survey, could reach a growth of 34.9% by the end of the year: a step forward, therefore, compared to the general recovery expected for Europe (+ 23.9%) and the global one (+ 30.7%). In 2019, the contribution … Read more

Not expensive and not cheap – Drink prices in the Netherlands are around European average

Last year, the price of alcoholic drinks in the European Union was more than two and a half times higher in the most expensive Member State than in the cheapest. This is evident from figures from Eurostat. Although the European statistical service does not mention exact amounts, it is clear from the price index table … Read more

Michael Jordan would average 50 points in LeBron James’ NBA era according to Metta World Peace

NBA Former Los Angeles Lakers player Metta World Peace did not hesitate to say that Michael Jordan would have an average of points that not even LeBron James himself can achieve in this NBA era. By Julio Montenegro 2021-08-12T20:54:33-0300 NBAMetta World Peace y Michael Jordan (Foto: Getty Images) Few are the players in the history … Read more

Portugal is the 2nd EU country with the highest average of deaths in the last week

Data from the last seven days indicate that Portugal had an average of 1.19 (greater than the 0.71 recorded at the beginning of last week), and only behind Cyprus, which had an average of 2.57. In third place in this hierarchy is Greece, with a weekly average of 0.66 deaths associated with covid-19 per million … Read more

Vaccination against Covid-19: appointment times are getting longer, more than 17 days on average

The extension of the health pass, announced by Emmanuel Macron during his speech this Monday evening, created an electric shock. In the minutes that followed, many French people who had not done so until now made an appointment to be vaccinated. This rush, notably observed on Doctolib, automatically resulted in an extension of the time … Read more

Covid-19 | Transmissibility index (Rt) of the Médio Tejo today surpassed the value of the national average

Infections by the new coronavirus have progressed in recent days in the Middle Tagus region, with the rate of transmissibility (Rt) being higher than 1 and reaching 1.17 today, according to calculations by mediotejo.net and the data revealed this Monday. fair by the Doctor Ricardo Jorge Institute of Public Health. – Advertising – Last week, … Read more

Taxpayers’ Association complains: Until now, average earners have only worked for the state

At Tuesday, July 13th, the 194th day of the year, the time has come: citizens are once again working exclusively for their own wallets. Until then, the entire income is spent on taxes and social security contributions. This is the result of the Federal Taxpayers’ Association (BdSt) in an extrapolation. In the previous year, the … Read more