Stress test for Mechazilla: Huge rocket gripper at SpaceX practices with water bags

On the SpaceX test site in Boca Chica, Texas, a bizarre spectacle could be observed over the past few days: the robotic arm catch mechanism for future Starship rocket stages had to survive its first major stress test. To do this, “Mechazilla”, as SpaceX boss Elon Musk christened the system in reference to the monster … Read more

NASA’s new sleeping bags could prevent eyeball ‘squashing’ on the ISS

Becoming an astronaut requires perfect 20/20 vision, but unfortunately, the effects of space can cause astronauts to return to Earth with degraded eyesight. Now, researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a sleeping bag that that could prevent or reduce those problems by effectively sucking fluid out of astronauts’ heads. More than half of … Read more

Medina Zein Police Again, Buying and Selling Luxury Bags Ended in Misfortune : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Medina Which again reported the enemy to the police. This time, it was Crazy Rich Surabaya’s turn, Uci Flowdea, who reported the celebrity to the Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, on Monday (11/10/21). Lukman Azhari’s wife was reported on suspicion of a criminal act of coercion with threats of violence through electronic media … Read more

Accused of a lot of debt and selling fake bags, Medina Zein: Don’t Bully My Family : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Medina Zein has recently been widely discussed after being accused of selling counterfeit goods and also having debts. After Rachel Vennya collected the debt through Medina’s comment column on Instagram, Citra Kirana and several other people also took part in collecting the debt, and there were even rumors that the wife of Lukman … Read more

Kiky Saputri’s Story Buys Branded Bags With Sandals: Seen by Security, Not Served : Okezone Celebrity

KIKY Saputri claimed to have been ignored by branded bag shop staff. Until the store security looked at Kiky Saputri with a sharp gaze when she entered the shop. This experience was felt by Kiky when she first wanted to buy a branded bag with her friends. They intended to buy one of the bags … Read more

What will space tourists get when they fly with SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic? Spacesuits, sleeping bags … and Jeff Bezos

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk (left), Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos (center), and Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson. Patrick Pluel/Getty; Alex Wong/Getty; Hollis Johnson/Insider Virgin Galactic’s $250,000 ticket to the edge of space includes a spacesuit. Passengers paying $55 million for SpaceX’s mission to the ISS get sleeping bags, hygiene products. Blue Origin’s $28 million spaceflight … Read more

Rumored Positive of Covid-19 in Gossip Accounts, Natasha Wilona Shows off the Contents of Luxury Bags: Okezone Celebrity

NATASHA Wilona was dragged into the outpouring of a photographer’s heart that was spread in gossip accounts. He tried to ward off the bad news. In short, the photographer admitted that he had just collaborated with an artist with the initials N who was still forced to work even though his Antigen swab test results … Read more

EXCLUDED – Nabilla and Thomas were burgled last night in their Chantilly hotel while they were celebrating their wedding – All their gifts but also jewelry, bags, watches were taken away

According to our exclusive information, Nabilla and Thomas were robbed last night in their Chantilly hotel while they were celebrating their wedding. The police are on site this morning to try to find clues and collect the various testimonies. All the gifts received by the couple were taken away but also personal effects such as … Read more