The Impact of Angry Grandpa Suhud Baim Wong’s Subscriber Down, Unexpected Reaction: Okezone Celebrity

BAIM Wong responded to the subscriber on his Youtube channel that went down after there was a problem with Grandpa Suhud. Paula Verhoeven’s husband seemed relaxed in responding to this and remained grateful for whatever happened. “Alhamdulillah, whatever happens, people think it’s not good, I said yes Alhamdulillah. Yes, like a subscriber, I just said … Read more

Baim Wong is angry with Suhud’s grandfather, Deddy Corbuzier: He’s a parent, you shouldn’t be like that: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Baim Wong is known to have issued his own apology regarding his confusion with Grandpa Suhud. Through his Instagram account, Baim apologized to Grandpa Suhud. Baim said he chose to apologize because he had scolded Grandpa Suhud, whose status was an old man. “It turns out that there are indeed my shortcomings, I … Read more

Admits wrongly reprimanded Grandpa Suhud, Baim Wong: I don’t know etiquette: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Actor Baim Wong admitting his mistake had reprimanded Suhud’s grandfather. He realized he shouldn’t be rude to someone older than him. This was revealed by Paula Verhoeven’s husband when discussing the busy case with Deddy Corbuzier. “It turns out that there are indeed shortcomings, I don’t know etiquette. He’s an old man and I … Read more

Video Commentary Baim Wong Angry Grandpa Suhud, Taqy Malik: I Feel Sad : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Baim Wong lately in the spotlight because of his attitude towards a grandfather named Suhud. The 40-year-old man was considered rude when he served his grandfather who came to need his help. The viral video made several public figures commented. One of them is Taqy Malik who participated in responding to the viral case … Read more

Baim Wong: Grandpa Suhud is a good person, I’m even ashamed of myself : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Baim Wong took the case with Grandpa Suhud as a warning to grow into a better person. This was expressed in an upload on Instagram, on Friday (10/15/2021). “Masya Allah, thanks for the warning. He is a good person, especially his worship. I was ashamed of myself. I just found out about him … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Discusses Hypocrites The Dajal’s Behavior, Sindir Baim Wong? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Shortly after Baim Wong uploaded his apology to Grandpa Suhud, Nikita Mirzani again vented his emotions. This time, he was discussing someone who was a hypocrite. “The hypocrite is still bringing up God. Even though the truth is like the devil. Netizens have to be tricked again,” Nikita wrote on Insta Story, Wednesday … Read more

Being scolded by Baim Wong, Grandpa Suhud confides to Nikita Mirzani: Okezone Celebrity

GRANDPA Suhud suddenly went viral on social media after being reprimanded by Baim Wong. Suhud’s grandfather also confided in Nikita Mirzani and told the chronology. According to Grandpa Suhud, after Friday prayers, when he came out of the mosque to the motorbike parking lot where he had parked and stored his merchandise, he saw a … Read more

The Grandfather of Suhud Police Baim Wong, Nikita Mirzani: Stupid to say Stove: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani supports Grandpa Suhud to bring Baim Wong to the authorities. The Grandma Gayung actress objected to Baim’s attitude of accusing her grandfather of being a beggar and scolding him in one of her YouTube content. “Yes, I still suggest that (report to the police),” said Nikita in the South Jakarta area. … Read more

Baim Wong’s subscribers are down, Nikita Mirzani: Don’t often wear masks: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Nikita Mirzani responding to the problem of Baim Wong who lost approximately 200 thousand of his YouTube subscribers in a short time. This was after the content when rebuking Grandpa Suhud as a viral beggar. according to Nikita, Baim must accept the risk because of his behavior. He even reminded Paula Verhoeven’s husband not … Read more

Baim Wong apologizes to Grandpa Suhud, Netizens: That’s Hidayah: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actor Baim Wong apologized to Suhud’s grandfather through his Instagram account. In his upload, Baim admitted that he was wrong because he had been rude in front of the middle-aged man. “Sorry for my mistake,” Baim said in a photo upload on Instagram. Also Read: Imbas Angered Grandpa Suhud, Baim Wong Left Subscriber … Read more