With the album “=”, Ed Sheeran tries to balance his previous experience

Mathematical symbols play a very important role in Ed Sheeran’s work. We first added, then multiplied, then divided and now we balance. That sign “equals” is great for naming the current record. Its author balances all his musical faces, which he has shown us so far. As the inconspicuous British became one of the biggest … Read more

“Free Guy”: Good Or Bad? Our Balance Of The Movie With Ryan Reynolds That Came To Streaming

According to the criteria of Know more Creating content directly or indirectly linked to the world of videogames can have two effects: to please only the public inserted in that ‘niche’ or – if they are very good – to catch the attention of the general public. A magnificent example of the latter could well … Read more

preview of the video clip of the single “The balance of things”

Video preview Max Elli The balance of things. Friday 1st October was published for Greylight Records the new single from Max Elli. Guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter for many of the biggest names in the Italian music scene including: Nek, Cesare Cremonini, Jovanotti, Gue Pequeno, Chiara Galiazzo, Mahmood, Tommaso Paradiso, Jack Jaselli, among others, Max … Read more

Testimonials: the Mac M1s one year later, an almost perfect balance sheet

While a new wave of Mac M1 has just been unveiled, now is the right time to take stock with users of the very first generation launched a year ago.. We opened a call for witnesses by asking our readers how this transition to the new architecture went. Here are the answers… (they were given … Read more

Stefan Aust draws Merkel’s balance sheet: German fear as a state of affairs

Oet etp aepekotlptekleupe Fenpkelllu Olleltepeu pelt, lpl ekel tleatlek. Ble Zeklkell pel Pnupeppelael, pep elaepeu leuaple VOtleaeu, vllp ple ulekl uelOlppeu. Flulelteppeu kel ple elu Ueup, pep vlllpeketltlek lOOel uuek pleplt lpl, plepltel lepeutettp etp ple nOtleaeupeu Pleeleu. Ble Plpellptuplahell lpl penltlek aelluael etp en Pealuu lklel POlpeell, puek pe kelle POlpuulaouael 6elkelp Peklopel lkl … Read more

IVAucher balance can now be used. All there is to know in 10 questions

OTaxpayers can start deducting, as of this Friday, October 1st, the balance accumulated under the IVAucher program. This benefit, accumulated until August, can be spent on purchases in the sectors of catering, accommodation and culture. The following 10 questions, answered on the program’s official website, summarize how the balance use phase IVAucher, which runs until … Read more

Discounting IVAucher balance? Here are the banks that have already joined the program

Athe period in which taxpayers can start deducting the IVAucher balance is approaching. From Friday, October 1st, the VAT benefit accumulated in the balance can be deducted on purchases in the sectors of catering, accommodation and culture. For this effect, there are 16 banks that have already joined the program. The list of participating banks, … Read more

Call to strike at Orange to build “a balance of power”

A man walks past an Orange operator store. The telecoms giant is facing a strike called by four unions on the issue of wages and recruitments. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP Salaries, recruitments, investments: unions and Orange management are opposed on several points before the strike, Tuesday, September 21 – a mobilization that the organizers hope … Read more

Between performances and health crisis, a contrasting balance sheet of the Paralympic Games for Japan

Japan’s Shingo Kunieda celebrates his Olympic title in wheelchair tennis, Saturday, September 4, in Tokyo. PHILIP FONG / AFP The closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games (JP), organized on Sunday, September 5, celebrated a world “Where the difference shines”. From its title, “Harmonious cacophony”, the Japanese could only retain the cacophonous aspect, both the Olympic … Read more