Passed to take children on a plane to Bali, Rachel Vennya: I have a letter of assignment: Okezone Celebrity

RACHEL Netizens have also targeted Vennya about her children being able to escape on an airplane from Jakarta to Bali. In fact, there is a regulation from the Ministry of Transportation which states that children under the age of 12 are prohibited from boarding planes. Rachel Vennya also opened her voice on Boy William’s Youtube … Read more

Netizens Surprise Confess to See Niko Al Hakim Fight with Salim Nauderer in Bali: Failed to Move On? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Rachel Vennya’s ex-husband, Niko Al Hakim rumored to have quarreled with his ex-wife’s lover, Salim Nauderer. This emerged after the viral confession of a netizen who witnessed it. The confession of a netizen was re-uploaded by the Instagram account @playitsafebaby. He confessed, witnessing firsthand the man who is familiarly called Okin it was a … Read more

Aurel Hermansyah Craving Vacation and Bathing in the Bali Sea, Atta Halilintar Surprised : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Aurel Hermansyah suddenly wanted a vacation to Bali. Aurel admitted that she was bored because she didn’t leave the house for four months. Aurel Hermansyah admitted that he was bored because he had to be at home for the last four months. Considering that she is still three months pregnant, Aurel’s obstetrician advised … Read more

In the absence of tourists, Bali monkeys raid houses and fear they will turn violent

Deprived of their preferred food source – the bananas, peanuts and other treats given to them by tourists now absent due to the pandemic, the hungry monkeys from the tourist island of Bali They have resorted to entering the homes of the inhabitants in search of something tasty. Villagers in Sangeh say the long-tailed gray … Read more

Meeting Gading Marten with Women in Bali, Ivan Gunawan: Already stuck, not a girlfriend? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ivan Gunawan is back with an exciting podcast uploaded on his YouTube channel. After inviting Deddy Corbuzier, Rossa, and Raffi Ahmad as guest stars, this time he invited Gading Marten. Gading, who has worked in the entertainment world for more than 20 years, now admits that he is starting to spread his wings … Read more

Repeat Success! Baim Wong with the GTV Puzzle House Goes To Bali : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Entering episode 50, Baim Wong’s boss and the GTV Puzzle House team returned to visit the city of Denpasar, Bali to look for targets and of course to share sustenance for Balinese people who succeeded in passing the challenges given by Baim’s boss. “Welcome to the house of puzzles and now we are … Read more

Biodata of Jessica Adeola Forrester, Sexy Celebrity Arrested in Drug Cases in Bali : Okezone Celebrity

JESSICA Adeola Forrester is widely reported because of being arrested for drug cases. What is the bio of this sexy celebgram like? The 30-year-old woman was arrested by officers from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Bali Province on July 9, 2021. Jessica was arrested with DS, a manager of a nightclub at an elite … Read more