Opinion: The Free Fall Of J. Balvin, The Whitening Of Reggaetón And His Painful Music Video For ‘Perra’

// By: Oscar Adame Wed October 13, 2021 In just a couple of weeks, J. Balvin managed to destroy his public image. From being an artist with a huge social impact who achieved the impossible by being an invaluable pillar for the popularization of a culture that was detested for decades due to its place … Read more

Grammys, Moralism And Hot Dogs: What’s Really Behind The Fight Between J Balvin And Residente?

This is the image with which J Balvin responded to Residente after he said that his music was like a cart of ‘hot dogs’. José Osorio tweets and J Balvin erases it. René Pérez answers him in an Instagram video that later Resident remove. The individual speaks and the artist censors him. What, if anything, … Read more

Ben Affleck, J Balvin And Adamari López, Protagonists Of The Most Talked About News Of The Week

What a week the world of Latin entertainment has had! A heartthrob protecting his maid, the revelation that the flame of love is still alive in one of the most beloved exes on television and a painful wardrobe failure on a red carpet were the most talked about news of the week. Through a survey … Read more

Tour At The Door! J Balvin Drove His Fans Crazy After Announcing What His Concert Tour Will Be Like – The Intranews

COLOMBIA – J Balvin He is one of the most prominent singers within the urban genre. His career positions him among the best around the world. This is confirmed by the eight appointments that the Colombian received to the Billaboard Latin Music Awards 2021. He is one of the artists who received the most nominations. … Read more

J Balvin Releases Wherever I May Roam From Metallica; Unleash Memes | VIDEO

Metallica is back on the music scene with the launch of The Metallica Blacklist, record album that brings together 53 artists of international stature, but of other musical genres. Although at first the announcement generated the emotion of the fans, the collaborations have not completely convinced to the public and woke up the critics among … Read more

LOH 2021 Tokio | Do olympijského Tokia se vydali už i basketbalisté. Odletěla ale jen část z nich

Na olympiádu už odletěli i čeští basketbalisté. Přesněji řečeno jejich větší část, v čele s kapitánem Tomášem Satoranským, Ondřejem Balvínem nebo trenérem Ronenem Ginzburgem. Zbytek týmu se do Tokia vypraví 22. července. „Covid v tomhle rozdělení nehraje roli. Důvody jsou logistické. Tím, že jsme se do Tokia dostali teprve nedávno, bylo ekonomicky do té doby … Read more

J Balvin, The First Latino To Be Invited To The Tik Tok Series Headstream

J Balvin will be the first Latino to be invited to the Tik Tok Amazon Prime Video series Headstream. (Amazon via AP) J Balvin, considered the ‘Global Reggaeton Ambassador’ and five-time Latin Grammy winner, will be the next guest on Headstream of TikTok, the new interactive and fully live series that the leading short video … Read more