Sri Lanka, on the verge of bankruptcy, announces billion euro population assistance program

Sri Lankans line up to refill their cooking gas cylinders during a shortage in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Tuesday, January 4, 2022. ERANGA JAYAWARDENA / AP All the lights are on red and Sri Lanka’s economic indicators seem to signal an impending sinking. Food prices have risen to record highs, inflation has reached an all-time high … Read more

Caddy, the manufacturer of supermarket trolleys, has declared bankruptcy

Employees of the Caddy manufacturing plant await the verdict of the Paris commercial court on the takeover of the company, in Drusenheim (Bas-Rhin), October 27, 2014. FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP He invented the supermarket trolley, which he has been manufacturing since 1928. The famous manufacturer of the Caddy brand, established in Alsace, declared himself in … Read more

Turkish lira on the brink: Erdogan steers Turkey into bankruptcy

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2: 3 bankruptcy against Frankfurt: Gladbach’s decline continues

Status: 12/16/2021 00:53 Borussia Mönchengladbach also lost the fourth game in a row in the Bundesliga on Wednesday (December 15, 2021). Adi Hütter’s team was unable to score against his ex-club Eintracht Frankfurt even in the majority. The sticking point was again the poor defensive performance. Gladbach crisis continues – Frankfurt is back in the … Read more

“SpaceX” rocket propulsion system fails – Elon Musk threatens bankruptcy – economy

Advocate SpaceX? Tesla boss and high-flyer Elon Musk (50) is angry about the lack of progress made by his space company “SpaceX” in the development of the “Raptor” engines that are supposed to power his Starship rockets. Musk described what he saw as the dramatic situation on the day after Thanksgiving in a circular to … Read more

“A disaster”: Elon Musk warns of SpaceX bankruptcy

A Space X rocket just before the loading dock in Florida in 2020.picture alliance / abaca | Orlando Sentinel/TNS/ABACA In a message to all SpaceX employees last Friday, Elon Musk warned of the possible bankruptcy of the space company. Missing Raptor rocket engines are said to endanger the future of Starship and Starlink. In order … Read more

Elon Musk Stress-Cuts Mohawk After SpaceX Nears Bankruptcy

Elon Musk has proven once again that money cannot buy style. His latest ‘do suggests that the world’s richest man who co-founded Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, should probs expand his investment portfolio into the realm of decent hairdressing salons. Photographed in Miami right before the Art Basel international art fair, Musk was accompanied by his … Read more

OneWeb paid almost $50m in investors’ fees for bankruptcy deal

OneWeb paid $49.3m in fees to bankers, lawyers and other advisers acting for its original shareholders as part of the $1bn deal in which the UK government and India’s Bharti Global rescued the satellite internet company from bankruptcy last year. The disclosure came in audited accounts published on Tuesday. The sale agreement “required the Company … Read more

While waiting for the return of tourists, Kyoto seeks to avoid bankruptcy

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, October 14, 2021. CARL COURT / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP Riddled with debt, the city of Kyoto impatiently awaits the return of tourists and questions its finances. As in 2020, autumn, a season prized for the beauty of its landscapes tinged with the red of maple trees and the yellow of ginkgo … Read more

GFG Alliance avoids bankruptcy but is almost withdrawn from France

Sanjeev Gupta, in Dunkirk, in 2019. DENIS CHARLET / AFP To everyone’s surprise, GFG Alliance, the Indo-British steel conglomerate Sanjeev Gupta, seems to have managed to avoid bankruptcy. This nebula of companies has been in turmoil since Greensill, its main creditor, filed for bankruptcy in March, revealing that GFG owed it $ 5 billion. Article … Read more