“He Was A Very Adventurous Musician And A Beautiful Soul”: My Friend Vangelis

“He was a wonderful and special man, an amazing musician and we became friends. He was my teacher, really,” says an emotional Jon Anderson on the phone with Cult, the legendary vocalist of the influential British progressive band Yes, remembering the indispensable Greek musician Vangelis, who died on May 17 recently, author of a huge … Read more

Hubble Takes A Beautiful Image Of The M99 Galaxy And Gets It All Ready For James Webb!!

The magnificent spiral galaxy M99 fills the frame in this beautiful image taken by NASA and ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope. M99, which is located approximately 4.2 million light-years away from Earth, in the constellation of Coma Berenices, is what is called a Grand Design spiral galaxy, as it has the spiral arms clearly visible and … Read more

Biography and Religion of Pamela Bowie, Beautiful Half American Actress : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Pamela Bowie’s biodata and religion have become a question for netizens. Pamela Bowie is known as a commercial star and actress in the country. The woman who was born in Madiun, East Java, October 18, 1993 is a Christian. Pamela is the daughter of Richard Bowie, who is from America and Danik Bowie, … Read more

Biography and Religion of Jeanneta Sanfadelia, Worldwide Beautiful Model Turns Out to be Ardhito Pramono’s Wife : Okezone Celebrity

JEANNETA Sanfadelia turned out to be the wife of singer Ardhito Pramono who was caught in a drug case. The following is the biodata and religion of Jeanneta Sanfadelia. Jeanneta came to the West Jakarta Metro Police to meet the detained musician. Not alone, he came with two big men. “(Jeanneta Salfadelina) His wife and … Read more

3 Portraits of Irish Bella Young Mamas who are increasingly Shiny, Netizens: Beautiful No Debate : Okezone Celebrity

BABY Air Rumi Akbar is one year old. Irish Bella increasingly exudes her charm as a young mother at the age of 25. Mother and daughter are often seen getting along in various situations. Being a mother of one child doesn’t mean Irish Bella doesn’t think about skin beauty. Let’s take a look at the … Read more

5 Unexpected Facts about Furi Harun, Beautiful Indigo Woman Mami Spirit Doll : Okezone Celebrity

SINCE The popularity of the spirit doll among Indonesian artists, Furi Harun’s figure, is getting more attention from the public. Not just caring for the spirits, the 40-year-old woman is apparently also an indigo who can communicate with her foster children. Curious about how he took care of these spirits? Let’s look at 5 facts … Read more

6 Beautiful and Adorable Furi Harun Spirit Dolls : Okezone Celebrity

FURI Harun is famous as a mother who has taken care of spirit dolls for a long time. His figure stole the attention since people were curious about spirit dolls. At his residence, Furi Harun has now taken care of 363 dolls. Most of all the dolls are beautiful and adorable, although there are a … Read more

the beautiful gesture of Kita, the satisfaction of Kombouaré and Pallois

Zapping But! Football Club FC Nantes: the 10 biggest sales of the Canaries Of course, this is part of the ways and customs. Not a reason, however, not to point it out. FC Nantes has therefore indeed left the recipe for the match of the 16th finals of the Coupe de France against Vitré. If … Read more