“He taught me to be ambitious, to want to have fun in bed and to have stimulating intellectual exchanges”

LEA DE RUFFRAY First day There is no photo on his Grindr profile. This application designed for gay dating offers me a mosaic of people according to my geolocation. It is really “fuck with your neighbor”, to satisfy a pressing need in the place where we are. When I open Grindr on this beach in … Read more

66-Year-Old Woman Woken Up by Meteorite Crashing Through the Roof on Her Bed

Ruth Hamilton, 66, was fast sleeping in her house in Golden, British Columbia, on a beautiful night when she was jolted awake by something extraordinary. (Photo : Getty Images) Finding a Meteorite in Bed A woman from Golden, B.C., says she’s still in shock after she was woken up by a meteorite crashing through her … Read more

how to make going to bed easier?

Bedtime … Just those four little words have already put you in the mood, I’m sure … What to do when my child doesn’t want to sleep? The story of an end of the day like any other: on the way to bed our children 6:45 pm: the key in the door, I can already … Read more

Shannen Doherty and the fight against cancer, the shock photo from the bed. And an invitation: “Be brave”

“For the awareness month on the breast cancer, I would like share something more about my personal journey from first diagnosis at the second. Is everything nice? NO, but it is true ». On Instagram, the actress Shannen Doherty, that made millions of young people dream with the character Brenda in Beverly Hills e Prue in The … Read more

Shantal talks about bed rest during pregnancy: “I lost contracts” – Marie Claire Magazine

+ Shantal Verdelho (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram) After going into preterm labor, Shantal talked with followers about the experience of spending much of the pregnancy on bed rest. “It’s already been two and a half months and, if everything works out, there’s still a month for the baby to be born. I wanted to say … Read more

Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia’s intimate relationship in bed, Netizen: Ideal husband: Okezone Celebrity

DARIUS Sinathrya always looks intimate with Donna Agnesia. One of them through a photo in bed together, when Donna was sleeping. In his photo upload on Instagram, Darius noticed the face of his wife who was fast asleep. Darius also seemed to give a face with a sweet smile when he looked at his wife’s … Read more

“Once Under 100 Meters of Water” –JPL’s Perseverance Mars Report: Heading South to Explore Jezero Crater’s Lake Bed

On June 1, says the JPL, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover kicked off the science phase of its mission by leaving the “Octavia E. Butler” landing site. Until recently, the rover has been undergoing systems tests, or commissioning, and supporting the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s month of flight tests. Jezero Crater Prelude –The Flyover The Jezero crater … Read more