“Money doesn’t interest me.” And the new flame emerges

Their story has been over for about a year, but the fruit of the love between Antonino Spinalbese and Belen Rodriguez has a name and a face and is called Luna Marì and dad has madly in love with her. «My daughter is my great love, she comes before everything, even … Read more

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino together again? The social clue makes fans dream

Antonello Venditti in its “Never friendsHe spoke of certain loves that never end, make immense turns and then return. It is probably the love between Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino they might be experiencing such a love … an infinite love. The beautiful Argentine showgirl has revealed a few hours ago that she is … Read more

“I think I have them, no one is saved”

Who has never thought of having the “Horn“? Everyone, in at least one relationship, has had the feeling or certainty that we have been traditi or at least we thought it in a moment of extreme jealousy. And even one of the most beautiful women on the Italian scene is not exempt from this doubt. … Read more

“Sin and shame are yours”

Nina Moric keeps the point. After the harsh words addressed to Belen Rodriguez, the ex-wife of Fabrizio Corona returns to attack the model in a new story on Instagram. The accusation of Nina Moric After accusing her of making her son drink Carlos and tried to kiss him on the lips over the Christmas weekend, … Read more

Belen, the shock accusation of Nina Moric: “Why did you do this to my son?” Carlos denies: “All bitches”

Nina Moric and the very heavy accusation brought against Belen Rodriguez on social networks. The ex-wife of Fabrizio Corona, in fact, is furious with the Argentine showgirl after what was revealed to her by the son Carlos. Read also> Gf Vip, Sophie in crisis between Alessandro and Gianmaria. And Soleil launches the broadside: “With me … Read more

backfire? One detail does not escape

Christmas is near and gifts are starting to arrive even among the VIPs. Among the first to unwrap the gifts was Elisabetta Franchi who on the occasion of her birthday also anticipated the opening of the Christmas parcels. Among the gifts there was the one sent to her by Belen Rodriguez who paid homage to … Read more

she in Milan with her children, he alone (no one knows where)

Last week we thought we had put an end to the gossip that had risen around the couple Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese. After Luna Marì’s parents did not show up together for a long time, rumors chased each other and the photos posted by the two fueled the rumors. But the truth seemed to … Read more

Belen, Antonino Spinalbese confirms the crisis? His answer (about the children) is a detective story

The rumors of a break between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese they become more and more insistent. From inseparable boyfriends, to super parents in July of little Luna Marì, now the two boys are no longer seen together. The parents of Santiago’s little sister appear distant and in crisis. No confirmation comes from those directly … Read more

«I had a serious problem, I ended up in an ambulance …». Toffanin moved

Belen, the secret drama to Verissimo: “I had a serious problem, I ended up in an ambulance …“. Silvia Toffanin moved. Today, the Argentine showgirl, mother bis of Santiago and Luna Marì, was a guest in the living room of Canale 5 and spoke of the arrival of the newborn born from love with Antonino … Read more

Belen Rodriguez reveals the messages of the ex after the birth of her daughter Luna Marì

Belen Rodriguez is enjoying the first few weeks with the daughter Luna Marì and the companion Antonino Spinalbanese. A month after the baby’s birth, they revealed some background in a long interview for the weekly Chi. The ex of the Argentine showgirl, including Stefano De Martino, sent her messages in private. Read also> Ivana Mrazova … Read more