New corona quarantine rules in Berlin – This applies from Friday – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa In Berlin, simpler rules for the corona quarantine will apply from Friday. The Senate is now implementing the agreements made by the federal and state governments in the previous week, said Health Senator Ulrike Gote (Greens) on Thursday in the House of Representatives. “And that from tomorrow.” At its meeting last Tuesday, the Senate … Read more

BKA is looking for child molesters – who knows this bathroom? – BZ Berlin

B.Z. 30. November 2021 14:27 Updated 02:27 PM The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is publicly looking for a suspicious man on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of several children. The camera he took pictures with was sold in Berlin! by Kolja Gärtner And suddenly these harmlessly cute objects seem frightening and monstrous: With photos … Read more

Bloody drug war? Scooter driver shot down – danger to life – BZ Berlin

29. November 2021 07:22 Updated 07:36 AM A man (30) lies seriously injured on the asphalt. His torso bare. The helpers took off his outer clothing. By Dirk Böttger, Timo Beurich and Matthias Lukaschewitsch The breast is already glued with probes. The emergency doctor, paramedics and police officers take care of him. Every move has … Read more

Sudden increase in corona cases – dramatic situation in the south of Brandenburg – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa In Brandenburg, the number of corona infections continues to rise dramatically. The Ministry of Health reported 3221 new cases on Wednesday, up from 2125 on Tuesday. The seven-day incidence rose across the country from 600.1 the previous day to 620.3. A week ago the value was 433.4. This means that Brandenburg still has the … Read more

What do the Brandenburgers say about the lockdown for unvaccinated people? – BZ Berlin

Michael Sauerbier 23. November 2021 06:05 Updated 6:05 am No Christmas shopping for unvaccinated people in Brandenburg. What do customers and dealers say about it? The echo was divided on Monday. ► “That’s bullshit!” Complains Ahmed Salama (39, “Samah Arts”), who sells home accessories in Potsdam. “Corona is not interested in whether people go to … Read more

Over 2300 new corona cases in Berlin on Friday – the incidence continues to rise – BZ Berlin

B.Z. The seven-day incidence in Berlin continues to rise. The value was 346 on Friday, according to the Senate’s management report. The day before, the seven-day incidence was 340.7. The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been proven to have been infected with the virus in the past seven days. According to … Read more

Judge speaks to the accused concentration camp guard (100) into conscience – BZ Berlin

Matthias Lukashevich It is 11.45 a.m. in the gym, which has been converted into a courtroom, when the son of a resistance fighter from France told the painful story of his family. But the accused concentration camp guard Josef S. (100) once again showed no signs of movement. As so often. He is charged with … Read more

After a horror accident on Invalidenstrasse with four dead – that’s what the SUV driver says – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa Four pedestrians die when the car races into the group of people at the traffic lights in downtown Berlin. According to the prosecution, the background was an epileptic seizure by the driver. He makes a statement in court. A good two years after the death of four pedestrians in an accident in downtown Berlin, … Read more

Right-wing extremists discovered at “Grenzgang” near Guben – police intervene – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa In action against a so-called border crossing by right-wing extremists on the German-Polish border, the police tracked down around 30 suspects on Sunday night. These people are part of the right-wing extremist splinter party “The Third Way”, the police said. The party had called for the action to take action against migrants on the … Read more

What red-red-green is planning in Berlin – and what the Berliners say about it – BZ Berlin

B.Z. “Definitely Berlin” was their campaign motto. Now Franziska Giffey (43, SPD) wants to clear away a long-standing controversial issue in red-red-green. By Hildburg Bruns and Sara Orlos Fernandes “I am glad that we were able to agree on temporary and event-related video surveillance,” said the future governing mayor after the first stage of consultation … Read more